Bundle: Co-Parenting Curricula Bundle

Product includes:
  • (1) 24:7 Dad® A.M. Facilitator's Manual with Program Guide
  • (10) 24:7 Dad® A.M. Fathering Handbooks
  • (1) Understanding Dad™ Facilitator's Manual
  • (10) Understanding Dad™ Mother's Handbooks
  • (2) USB Flash Drives w/ Supporting Materials
  • 1 of 1 Mom as Gateway™ Booster Session
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These two programs create a POWERFUL way to address the knowledge and skills both parents need to successfully co-parent.

Improving co-parenting is one of the primary concerns of staff who serve fathers, mothers, and families.

This bundle allows you to deliver the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® A.M. to dads, and at the same time, deliver Understanding Dad™ with Mom as Gateway™ Booster Session to moms over 12 sessions. Dads and moms meet in separate groups to learn skills to successfully co-parent.

Program Length

24:7 Dad® A.M. - 12 core sessions + 1 optional introductory session
Understanding Dad™ - 8 sessions at approximately 2 hours each
Booster Session™: Mom as Gateway™ - 3, 1-hour sessions

Program Delivery Options

Group setting, delivered by a facilitator. Dads and moms meet in separate groups. Can be modified for one-on-one delivery (e.g. by a case manager).


  • Program Guide in Facilitator's Manuals provides background, philosophy, and all necessary facilitator information to run the programs successfully.
  • Public webinar training is available for 24:7 Dad, view the schedule here.
  • Custom webinar training and in-person training is available for both programs. Learn more here.

Topics Covered in the Programs

  • Read about 24/7 Dad® A.M. and the topics covered here.
  • Read about Understanding Dad™ with Mom as Gateway™ Booster Session and the topics covered here.

Studies: 24:7 Dad® & Co-Parenting

Two recent studies confirm the impact 24/7 Dad® has on fathers around co-parenting:

Studies: Understanding Dad™ & Co-Parenting

Two published peer-reviewed papers of Understanding Dad™ show the impact of the program on mothers’ perceptions of their co-parenting relationships:

We know it's very helpful to view a sample of a curriculum before purchasing to get a feel for the content, topics, layout, logic, and more.

Click this link to Access a 24:7 Dad® A.M. Sample file
Click this link to Access an Understanding Dad™ Sample file

Here's what you will find in each free
sample file:

  • Curriculum Table of Contents
  • Logic Model
  • Facilitator's Manual Session 1
  • Fathering Handbook Session 1

24:7 Dad® was found to be an evidence-based program by The University of Hawaii.

Click here to download the University of Hawaii Study.

The Child and Family Research Partnership (CFRP) at the University of Texas at Austin found that the program leads to highly significant increases in four of the five protective factors shown to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

You can also visit our 24:7 Dad® evaluations page to view more studies and evaluations.

Temple University Evaluation Report:
Pilot Study of a Program to Increase Mothers’ Understanding of Dads

Click here to download the Temple University Study.

Understanding Dad™ is intended to assist mothers to be more knowledgeable, aware, confident, and skillful at engaging in coparenting relationships with their child’s father. This pilot study showed participation of a small group of mothers in the program was associated with improved knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy, although the lack of a control group means that the impact of the intervention cannot be determined. The findings are also consistent with the idea that coparenting interventions may be effective when only one parent, and not both parents, attend the program.

A version of this evaluation report was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal: Fagan, J., Cherson, M., Brown, C., & Vecere, E. (2015). Pilot program to increase mother’s understanding of dads. Family Process. doi: 10.1111/famp.12137.