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Improving co-parenting is one of the primary concerns of staff who serve fathers, mothers, and families. This bundle allows you to deliver the evidence-based 24/7 Dad® A.M. to dads, and at the same time, deliver Understanding Dad™ with Mom as Gateway™ Booster Session to moms over 12 sessions.

The combination of these programs creates a POWERFUL way to address the knowledge and skills both parents need to successfully co-parent.

Two recent studies confirm the impact 24/7 Dad® has on fathers around co-parenting:

  • An Auburn University-University of Maryland research team conducted an evaluation of 20 fatherhood programs across the state of Alabama who implemented 24/7 Dad®. They found that over a one-year period, dads experienced significant sustained improvement on 14 outcomes including relationship skills and functioning (couple and co-parenting), father involvement, positive parenting practices, parent-child relationship quality, and hope for ensuring a positive future. Read the full study here.
  • A study by UT Austin showed that the 24/7 Dad® program builds the protective factors that reduce the likelihood of child neglect and abuse. It also found that the program builds dads’ relationship skills with children and moms. Read the full study here.

Two recently-published peer-reviewed papers of Understanding Dad™ reveal the positive impact of the program on mothers’ perceptions of their co-parenting relationships:

  • A Temple University Study implemented with moms in five sites across the U.S. revealed that the program had a significant impact on moms’ relationship awareness (e.g. causes of communication problems between a mom and dad), knowledge of healthy co-parenting relationships and relationship self-efficacy (e.g. ability to let go of problems beyond a mom’s control). Read the full study here.
  • A second Temple University Study in partnership with researchers at the Center for Policy Research (Denver, CO) found that moms experienced statistically significant increases in their confidence in co-parenting and a reduction in disagreements with their child’s dad (i.e. less conflict). They also found that dads experienced a statistically significant reduction in undermining by mom of dad’s relationship with their child (i.e. reduced maternal gatekeeping). Read the full study here.

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Program Length

12 sessions at approximately 2 hours each.

Program Delivery

Group setting, delivered by a facilitator. Dads and moms meet in separate groups. Can be modified for one-on-one delivery (e.g. by a case manager).

Topics Covered

  • Read about 24/7 Dad® A.M. and the topics covered here.
  • Read about Understanding Dad™ with Mom as Gateway™ Booster Session and the topics covered here.

Kit Contents

  • 24/7 Dad® A.M. Complete Program Kit
  • Understanding Dad™ Complete Program Kit
  • Mom as Gateway Booster Session (3-hole punched)

Training Options

In-person training at your location on each program is available.


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