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This bundle contains 1 pack of each of our low-intensity resources in Spanish. What's really great about this bundle is that you can purchase it and keep it as your "Spanish resource library" of sorts. Having these resources on hand allows you to pick and choose resources that meet the Spanish-speaking dad's need(s) at the time he comes in.  

It's also a great bundle to allow you to see which resources you use the most -- then you can come back and acquire more of those specific resources.

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Kit Contents

  • NFI-93SP - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How Dad Can Be a Great Co-parent
  • NFI-95SP - 1 (50pk) Brochure: The Importance of an Involved Father
  • NFI-48 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: 10 Tips To Help Your Child Do Well in School
  • NFI-06SP - 1 (50pk) Brochure:  How to Resolve Conflict with the Mother of Your Child
  • NFI-53 - 1(50pk) Brochure: 12 Ways to Create a Peaceful Home
  • NFI-54 - 1(50pk) Brochure: 12 Ways to Balance Work & Family
  • NFI-99SP - 1 (50pk) Tip Card:  10 Ways Mom Can Be a Great Co-Parent
  • NFI-98SP - 1(50pk) Tip Card:  10 Ways Mom Can Better Communicate with Dad
  • NFI-75 - 1(50pk) Tip Card:  10 Ways To Be A Better Dad
  • NFI-92SP - 1(50pk) Tip Card:  10 Tips on Co-Parenting for the Sake of Your Child
  • NFI-88 - 1 Poster Set: Poster Set of 3 (Horizontal 22"x28") Spanish

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