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Studies indicate that fathers who are in prison and maintain meaningful relationships with their families and children tend to exhibit better behavior while incarcerated. In addition, they are less likely to commit further crimes upon release and are more likely to reintegrate into society as productive and responsible citizens. 

To support incarcerated fathers in achieving these outcomes, the Corrections & Reentry Bundle equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become involved and responsible fathers. This bundle is an excellent complement to fatherhood programs like InsideOut Dad®.

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Topics Covered

  • Staying involved with children while incarcerated
  • Connecting with children while incarcerated
  • Reconnecting with children after release
  • Resolving conflict and building trust and respect with the mother of their children
  • Co-parenting
  • Caring for Mental Health
  • Money management and child support

Bundle Contents

  • NFI-31 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: Brochure: Three Steps for Dads to Care for Their Mental Health
  • NFI-91 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How to Connect With a Minor Child After a Long Absence
  • NFI-11 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: Staying Involved with Your Children While Incarcerated
  • NFI-05 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: 20 Ways to Connect With Your Children & Family After Release
  • NFI-61 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: 14 Things Dads in Prison Should Do Before or Right After Release
  • NFI-07 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: Building Trust & Respect with the Mother of Your Child
  • NFI-97 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How to Better Manage Money (with spending plan worksheet)
  • NFI-06 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: How to Resolve Conflict with the Mother of Your Child
  • NFI-22 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: 11 Things to Know & Learn About Child Support
  • NFI-18 - 1 (50pk) Brochure: 12 Things to Know & Learn About Domestic Violence
  • OTA-01 - 1 DVD: Out of the Ashes: Where a Seed Finds Life & Discussion Guide


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