Pocketbook for Moms: Reasons for New Moms to Involve Dads

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This guide helps new or expectant moms understand the benefits that she, her baby - and even dad! - will experience when dad is involved right from the start. Moms learn why its important to get dads involved and tips to get him "in the game."

Handy pocket-sized book with sturdy outer cover is a compact but effective way to help new moms quickly learn the importance of involving dad. Our pocketbooks are designed with a space on the back to allow you to add your organizational stick or stamp so moms remember where they received this valuable resource and can contact your organization in the future.

Topics Covered

  • For Baby: Dad's involvement benefits your child from the moment he or she is born and through adulthood.
  • For You: You benefit from dad's involvement from the moment you become pregnant.
  • For Him: Dad benefits from his involvement from the moment you become pregnant. These benefits include some of the same ones that you receive, including better family finances and a better marriage/relationship.