Pocketbook for Moms: Ways to be a Great Co-Parent

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This pocketbook focuses on helping moms understand the challenges - and the importance of - being a good co-parent for the benefit of her children. It addresses expectations, how to handle difficult situations and differences, and acting with empathy to ensure the best outcome for her children.

A valuable skill-building resource for mom in a handy, pocket-sized book with sturdy outer cover. Our pocketbooks are designed with a space on the back to allow you to add your organizational stick or stamp so moms remember where they received this valuable resource and can contact your organization in the future.  

Topics Covered

  • Asking three vital questions at all times to decide how to behave toward the father based on what mom wants for her children and herself: What do I want for my children, what do I want for me, and how should I behave based on what I want for my children and me?
  • Deciding to be a good co-parent, even when there are disagreements, disappointments, or differences between how mom and dad parent
  • Deciding to solve the differences between mom and the father, and steps to head in that direction
  • Acting with empathy and letting go of expectations of the father