Brochure: How to Connect with Your Minor Child After a Long Absence (SP)

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Large 12-panel brochure with 50% more content than our standard 8-panel brochures.



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One of the hardest and most important things for fathers who have long been absent from their children is to reconnect with their children.

This brochure walks fathers through a series of eight discrete steps that give them the best chance to succeed in reconnecting with their children, regardless of how long they've been absent, the status of their relationship with their children's mothers (or children's guardians), and the ages of their children.

Use this brochure to help fathers who have never had a relationship with their children, fathers who once had a relationship with their children and from whom they've been estranged (e.g. through divorce), fathers who have been incarcerated, and fathers who have been absent for any other reason.

Click on the product images above to take a look inside at the steps that fathers can take to reconnect with their children after a long absence.