Brochure: How to Connect with Your Minor Child After a Long Absence

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One of the hardest, yet most important things a dad can do is to reconnect with his child(ren) after a long absence. No matter how long he has been gone or why - connecting fathers to their children is at the heart of our mission.

This brochure which helps fathers take the necessary steps to reconnect with their child(ren), and helps dad work through "maternal gatekeeping" which can sometimes prevent a father’s access to his children.

The content is divided into two stages with key steps dads can take to focus themselves, and also ask mom or themselves important questions to increase their chance of reconnection with their child(ren).

  • Stage 1 > Get the Green Light From Mom: The most vital stage in reconnection, this section covers 3 key steps to assess dad’s role, plan to meet with mom, and the actual meeting with mom.
  • Stage 2 > Connect with Your Child: This stage helps dad build a healthy relationship with his child(ren) and covers 5 key steps including making the first contact, asking to connect, planning for the first meeting, meeting with his child, and staying connected.

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