Guide: 14 Vital Topics For Staff To Discuss With Moms To Increase Dad's Involvement

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Create structured
conversations with moms
around the importance of
father involvement.

Led by NFI President Christopher Brown, an applied anthropologist with more than 25 years experience designing fatherhood programs and resources and studying fatherhood and masculinity cross culturally, our team has identified 14 vital topics that are essential to helping mothers of any race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background explore their relationships with the dad(s) of their child(ren), and encourage his involvement for the benefit of her children.

Common Uses

  • Customize a discussion with moms using the 14 Vital Topics Guide in any way you want.
  • Use the guide to design lectures, workshops, seminars, events, and other activities for mothers.
  • Cover one or more topics at any depth you like, in any format you like, and within your time constraints.
  • Use the guide to experiment with the topics, format, and discussion length that works best for you/your organization.

  • Do you wonder how to convince a mother to encourage the father of her child to be more involved in that child’s life?
  • Have you tried to convince a mother to allow the father of her child to be more involved only to be thwarted in your attempt?
  • Do you work with a mother who can’t seem to say one nice thing about the father of their children?
  • Do you ever wonder why a certain couple can’t seem to put their children first—who think about no one other than themselves?
These are the kinds of questions asked by many staff and practitioners who work with mothers, fathers, and families - and that this guide helps to address.

Topics Covered

  • Topic 1: Co-Parenting
  • Topic 2: Gender Communication
  • Topic 3: Dad's Importance to Child Well-Being
  • Topic 4: Restrictive Maternal Gatekeeping
  • Topic 5: For Your Children's Sake
  • Topic 6: Trusting Dad
  • Topic 7: Mutual Respect
  • Topic 8: Conflict Resolution
  • Topic 9: Power and Control
  • Topic 10: Angry with Dad
  • Topic 11: When Dad is Absent
  • Topic 12: Family of Origin
  • Topic 13: Discipline of Children
  • Topic 14: Listening
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  • Topic 1: Family of Origin