Pocket Guide for Dads: New Dad's Pocket Guide

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Also available in Spanish: NFI-104

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It's never been easier to give new dads the resources they need to get involved right from the start! The guide offers essential hints, tips, and strategies that every new dad needs to know. With key health and safety information, the New Dad's Pocket Guide™ increases health literacy and equips men with a handy guide they can reference at any time. Its affordable price makes it perfect for hospitals, birthing centers, pregnancy care centers, community-based organizations, corporate settings - any place you find new dads!  

Pocket-sized with sturdy outer cover; space on the back for your organizational sticker or stamp to provide contact information so dads can contact your organization in the future.

Topics Covered

  • Preparing for your child's arrival: child-proofing the home and creating a safe nursery. (It also includes a helpful checklist to help fathers effectively child proof their homes!) 
  • Providing for your newborn's needs: bonding with baby from day one, making time for baby, and more.
  • Practicing what it takes to be a great dad: being a role model, showing affection, and more.