FatherTopics Booster Session: Talking With Mom: Essential Communication Skills for Dads (Download)

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FatherTopics Workshop Talking with Mom

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Men and women communicate quite differently, generally speaking, because of the ways our brains are wired and the way we are socialized. Therefore, it's important to note when it comes to relationships and parenting, effective communication is vital. We must learn to effectively communicate with our spouse or partner and our children. After all, our children's well-being is at stake. 

What is the Talking With Mom™ Booster Session? 
This goal of this session is to help fathers become better communicators with the mother(s) of their children. This three-session program helps fathers become better communicators with the mother(s) of their children by learning about communication patterns, creating a safe environment for effective communication, and developing effective listening skills. 

How is it Used? 
Intended for use as stand-alone workshops or as supplemental sessions to your fatherhood programming, Talking With Mom™ is an affordable method for delivering fatherhood programming in as little as 3-4 hours. 
What's Included in the Workshop Manual? 
The Talking With Mom™ Manual includes everything you need to easily facilitate your program. The workshop includes three sessions each designed to last 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours. It includes interactive activities, handouts, and short videos to create a fun, effective learning environment. 

Topics Covered 
  • Self-awareness, caring for self, relationships 
  • How to talk openly 
  • How to listen

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