Booster Session: Understanding Domestic Violence

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An effective way to add a domestic violence component
to your fatherhood program.

Healthy, nurturing, and loving fathers play a significant role in reducing the risk of domestic violence. Fathers who participate in this booster session will learn how to define domestic violence, about its cyclical nature, and red flags that indicate when there is a risk for domestic violence and when its present. As a consequence, it can help them to reduce the risk for domestic violence in their own lives and in the lives of others (e.g. family members).

Program Length

3, 1-hour sessions

Program Delivery

Intended for use as stand-alone sessions or as booster sessions to your fatherhood programming. A great addition to use along with our 24:7 Dad® curriculum.

This booster helps the dads you serve and your facilitators/organization understand the many types of domestic violence, the impact it has on fathers and families, and how it can be addressed with men you're in contact with.

Topics Covered

  • Definitions of domestic violence and its prevalence in society
  • The family impact of domestic violence and its effects on children
  • The cyclical nature of domestic violence
  • How to recognize the early warning signs of domestic violence
  • How to foster non-violence in the home

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Here's what you will find in the sample file:

  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Session 1, Activity 1.1
  • Session 1, Activity 1.2