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*This bundle includes an electronic download of the "17 Critical Issues to Discuss with Fathers" guide. Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a separate email containing a link for you to download your product.

It's vital to include dad in home visits so that he understands the important role he plays in his children's lives -- and that it's never too late for him to get involved! It's also important for mom to understand dad's unique role, and how to better communicate with him so they can parent more effectively, together. Use this bundle along with any evidence-based home visiting curriculum to include fathers. This bundle includes our popular Vital Topics Guides along with other resources on being a better dad, creating a peaceful home, effective discipline, communication, and more.

The Home Visitation Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Home Visitation Bundle User Guide (Downloadable File as well as 1 Printed Copy)
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: 10 Ways to Be a Better Dad
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: The Importance of an Involved Father
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: A Checklist for Keeping Your Child Safe from Newborn to Toddler
  • 1 (50pk) Brochure: Creating a Peaceful Home for Your Family
  • 1 (50pk) Tip Card: 12 Tips for Effectively Disciplining Your Children
  • 5 (5pks) New Dad's Pocket Guide
  • 5 (5pks) Help Me Grow: The First Year
  • 5 (5pks) New Moms: A Pocketbook Full of Reasons for New Moms to Involve Dads
  • 5 (5pks) For Moms: A Pocketbook Full of Ways to Communicate With Dad
  • 1 17 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Dads (PDF Download after Purchase)
  • 14 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Moms to Increase Dad’s Involvement (PDF Download after Purchase)


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