Bundle: Co-Parenting

Product includes:
  • (1) 17 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Dads
  • (1) 14 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Moms to Increase Dad’s Involvement
  • 1 (50pk) How to Resolve Conflict with the Mother of Your Child Brochure
  • 1 (50pk) The Importance of An Involved Father Brochure
  • 1 (50pk) 10 Tips on Co-Parenting Tip Card
  • 1 (50pk) How Dad Can be a Good Co-Parent Brochure
  • 1 (50pk)) 12 Tips for Effectively Disciplining Your Children Tip Card
  • 5 (5pk) For Moms: A Pocketbook Full of Ways to Communicate with Dad
  • (5 (5pk) For Moms: A Pocketbook Full of Ways to be a Great Co-Parent
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Positive co-parenting is vital for the health and well-being of children. This bundle includes resources for moms and dads to help them develop effective co-parenting skills, as well as better ways to communicate, discipline their children, and work together for the ultimate benefit of their children.

Topics Covered

  • Vital topics for staff to discuss with dads and moms about father involvement
  • Ways to be a great dad
  • Co-parenting tips and plan
  • Effective discipline
  • Resolving conflict
  • Improved communication
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