Bundle: 24:7 Dad® A.M. + P.M. 3rd Ed. Program Kits: Save $200!

Product includes:
  • (1) 24:7 Dad® A.M. Facilitator's Manual with Program Guide
  • (10) 24:7 Dad® A.M. Fathering Handbooks
  • (1) 24:7 Dad® P.M. Facilitator's Manual with Program Guide
  • (10) 24:7 Dad® P.M. Fathering Handbooks
  • (20) Quick Reference Cards
  • (2) USB Flash Drive w/ Supporting Materials
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A powerful, evidence-based fatherhood program used by hundreds of organizations nationwide!

24:7 Dad® is an evidence-based fatherhood program used by hundreds of organizations nationwide to improve the knowledge, behavior, and skills of dads of all races, religions, and demographics. The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and for men, nurturing is a learned skill.

Program Length

24:7 Dad® A.M.: 12, 2-hour core sessions + 1 optional introductory session; 24:7 Dad® P.M.: 12, 2-hour sessions.

Program Delivery Options

  • Delivered in a group setting by a facilitator(s)
  • Delivered one-on-one or in a home-based setting(s
  • Click here to learn how you can customize 24:7 Dad® to your setting.


  • Program Guide in Facilitator's Manual provides background, philosophy, and all necessary facilitator information to run the program successfully.
  • Public webinar training is available, view the schedule here.
  • Custom webinar training and in-person training at your location are also available. Learn more here.

This bundle includes both the 24:7 Dad® A.M. and P.M. versions. 24:7 Dad® A.M. is perfect for the dad who lacks the knowledge and skills to be a good father, 24:7 Dad® AM focuses on basic, key fathering characteristics, while 24:7 Dad® P.M. is great for dads dads who have already completed 24:7 Dad® AM, or who are ready to deal with more in-depth fathering subject matter

Topics Covered in 24:7 Dad® A.M.

  • Discipline: Morals and Values; Rewards and Punishment
  • What it Means to Be a Man: Today's Man; Body Image
  • Children's Growth: Goals and Self-Worth; Nature or Nurture?
  • Showing & Handling Feelings: Holding Feelings Inside; Grief and Loss
  • Get Involved: Ways to be involved; Helping children do well in school
  • Men's Health: Stress and Anger; Physical Health
  • Working with Mom & Co-Parenting: Parenting Differences; Walking a Mile in Her Shoes; I'm Okay, She's Okay
  • Communication: Ways to Communicate; Talking with Children
  • Dads and Work: Work and family; Balancing work and family
  • The Father's Role: The Ideal Father; What kind of father am I?; Benefits of Marriage
  • My 24:7 Dad® Checklist: Skills I Learned; Assessing My Fatherhood Skills (Optional); Celebrate (Optional)

Topics Covered in 24:7 Dad® P.M.

  • Fathering and the 24:7 Dad: What it Means to Be a Man and My Role; Roles of Mom and Dad
  • Power and Control: The Difference Between Power and Control; Positive Power and Control; Power Struggles
  • Boyhood to Manhood: Differences Between the Male and Female Brain; Learning to be a Man and Dad
  • Competition and Fathering: Competitive and non competitive fathering; Living through my children
  • Dealing with Anger: This is Anger; Showing and Dealing with Anger
  • Improving my Communication Skills: Criticism vs Confrontation; Negotiation; Identifying and Solving Problems
  • Knowing Myself: Building Self-Worth; Self-Worth Survey
  • Fun with the Kids: Fathering and Fun; A Plan for Fun
  • Family Ties: Building Closeness; A Plan for Family Ties
  • Stress, Alcohol, and Work: Drinking and Stress; Work and Stress
  • Sex, Love, and Relationships: Sexual Self-Worth; A Healthy Relationship
  • My 24:7 Dad® Checklist: Skills I Learned; Assessing My Fatherhood Skills (Optional); Celebrate (Optional)

We know it's very helpful to view a sample of a curriculum before purchasing to get a feel for the content, topics, layout, logic, and more.

Click this link to Access a 24:7 Dad® A.M. Sample file
Click this link to Access a 24:7 Dad® P.M. Sample file

Here's what you will find in each free
24:7 Dad® sample file:

  • Curriculum Table of Contents
  • Logic Model
  • Facilitator's Manual Session 1
  • Fathering Handbook Session 1

24:7 Dad® was found to be an evidence-based program by The University of Hawaii.

Click here to download the University of Hawaii Study.

The Child and Family Research Partnership (CFRP) at the University of Texas at Austin found that the program leads to highly significant increases in four of the five protective factors shown to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

You can also visit our 24:7 Dad® evaluations page to view more studies and evaluations.

We have a few free resources that can help you run the 24:7 Dad® program with fidelity and in a shorter timeframe. Click the links below to access each resource.

free guide

How to Deliver 24:7 Dad® in Four Weeks

Download here
free guide

Implementing 24:7 Dad® with Fidelity

Download here
free checklist

24:7 Dad® A.M. and P.M. Fidelity Checklist

Download here
free guide

How to Run 24:7 Dad® with Teen Dads

Download here

Inspiring and Informational 24:7 Dad® Videos

Dads on the Traits of Being a 24:7 Dad

In this series, dads who have completed the 24:7 Dad® program discuss how the 5 traits of a 24/7 Dad play out in their role as a father.

Day 2 Day Dads Fatherhood Program

In this video, see how Family Resource Center South Atlantic uses 24:7 Dad® and other services to foster healthy relationships and strengthen child-family engagement.

Housing Opportunities Commission, Montgomery County, MD

In this video, a fatherhood program participant shares how the program has impacted his family. For another great testimonial, click here.

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's P.O.P.S. Program (Fresno, CA)

See how Fresno EOC is training dads through employment and their fatherhood program to be better dads and community leaders.