Brochure: The Importance of an Involved Father

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Our newest brochure communicates the importance of an involved father by outlining the benefits his children will experience when he is involved in their lives.

This brochure can be given to a Dad OR a Mom as it covers some the most important research about the importance of an involved father in a simple, easy to understand, and practical way. It closes with simple steps moms and dads can take to encourage and increase his involvement.

Also in Spanish here.

4 Reviews

Jane Craig 29th Jun 2017

Involved Fatherhood Brochure

Our center has found this brochure very helpful to include fathers during the pregnancy test appointment at our center.

Laetitia Benberry 1st Oct 2016

Excellent Brochure Promoting Dads Involvement

This is an excellent resource sharing documented research that promotes dads involvement. Both dads and moms need to know how important dads are for the physical, emotional, and mental health of children. Thank you for this resource to educate and empower dad's that their involvement is essential to their child's wellbeing.

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