Brochure: 11 Things to Know & Learn About Child Support

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Large 12 panel brochure with 50% more content than our standard 8 panel brochures!



Also available in Spanish: NFI-22SP

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Do you know that dads who pay child support are more likely to be and stay involved in their child’s life than are dads who get behind or fail to pay anything? And do you also know that child support reduces material hardships for moms and children and improves the socioemotional well-being of children?

This brochure is great for dads who currently owe child support, will soon owe it, and even those who are behind on their child support payments (called “in arrears”). It helps dads learn about the child support system, how to deal with it, and most importantly—how to be a champion for themselves as they navigate the child support system.

Topics include:

  • Be Your Own Champion
  • Identifying Your State’s Child Support Agency
  • Visit Your Local Child Support Office
  • How Your Child Support Payment Amount is Set
  • Where Your Payments Go
  • Getting Caught Up if You’re Behind
  • Getting a Lawyer

Be sure to add this valuable brochure to your father engagement toolkit!