Poster Set of 5 (Vertical 28" x 22") English

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Is your organization father-friendly?

Brighten things up with these full-color 22"x28" vertical posters that remind fathers of their important and irreplaceable role!

Not sold separately. Not available in Spanish.

Poster tag lines:

  • It's all about how you raise them.
  • Give your kids what they need to succeed. You.
  • Every girl needs a leading man.
  • Everyday is Father's Day when you're somebody's dad.
  • It takes a man to be a dad.
All posters at bottom: Have you been a dad today?

1 Review

Kim Norris 28th Jan 2015

A Lost Message

I don't know where or how it began but somewhere along the way society has decided that Dads aren't important and that's why we purchased these posters. We want to remind people, men and women, that dads are VERY important and we feel that these posters do a wonderful job. We love them.

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