Fathering in 15™: Online Learning for Dads

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Online, subscription-based learning tool. One annual subscription required per program delivery location.


Fathering in 15™ is an interactive, subscription-based, online tool that helps organizations build the skills of dads anytime, anywhere. Fathering in 15™ takes dads through 15 interactive, engaging topics, each in 15 minutes. The best part is that it’s accessible on any computer or mobile device and costs just $199 per location per year.

Fathering in 15™ is ideal for organizations that can’t dedicate staff to facilitate a fatherhood program or who need a resource for work with dads one-on-one. It’s also ideal for reaching dads who can’t or won’t travel to an organization’s location. Use Fathering in 15™ as a stand-alone resource, or use it to compliment an existing group-based fatherhood or parenting program for dads.

OFFER: Preview a Fathering in 15™ site before subscribing! Send your request to scoleman@fatherhood.org for a one week trial.


15 topics take approximately 15 minutes each to complete.

Program Delivery

Self-guided and accessed via custom URL in any web browser on any device (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

Topics Covered

  • Family History
  • Being a Man and Dad
  • Handling Emotions
  • Grief and Loss
  • Your Health
  • You and Mom
  • Talking with Mom
  • Co-Parenting
  • Fathering Skills
  • Child Development
  • Child Discipline
  • Sexuality
  • Intimacy
  • Work-Family Balance
  • Managing Money

Product Contents

  • Customized website with your organization name
  • 15 sessions containing text and short videos
  • Pre- and Post-Survey (via online survey tool)
  • Customized certificate of completion with your organization logo
  • Marketing materials for printing

Training Options

Not offered.



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The standard Fathering in 15™ subscription structure for 1-5+ locations is intended for independently operated direct-service providers that deliver programs and services at the local level (e.g. city or county). For example, if you are with "The Gathering Place" and you operate three direct-service locations in Germantown, Gaithersburg, and Rockville, MD, you would purchase a three-location subscription.

If you are with a public or private funder of direct-service programs (e.g. a state or county government agency or family foundation) or are associated with a network comprised of independently operated direct-service providers (e.g. affiliates or collaborative that you fund or otherwise have a formal relationship with) and you would like each provider in that network to use Fathering in 15™, the standard Fathering in 15™ subscription structure does not apply. For example, if you are with a state agency that funds independently operated providers of a specific program or service (e.g. a parenting education program), the standard subscription structure would not apply. If this describes your situation, please contact us at 240-912-1263 for special pricing information.


 View Fathering in 15 Demo Video

Interested in a deeper dive into Fathering in 15™? Access our on-demand webinar here. 

11 Reviews

Brian K Hill 29th Mar 2021

Boss Mobility Life Coaching uses Fathering in 15 on Lyft Rides

Everyday I initiate with people riding with me as their driver as they ride along to their destinations from point A to Point B. During the ride, I ask them, have you ever heard of a tool of learning called Fathering in 15?

Then I ask, can I record our conversation? May I place it on my website blog so others hear what we are discussing? I respect whatever their response is.

Here are a few positive responses from young men I meet discussing Father in 15; you can click on the video and here a couple of minutes of how they respond. https://www.bossmobility.net/blog

I am learning how easy it is to use. Fathering in 15 a very helpful fatherhood course with guided questions to keep the learning interesting for both people in the discussion. I highly recommend using Fathering in 15.

Cynthia S. 4th Apr 2019

Fathering in 15

I brought this program last year and used with my fathers and found it to be very helpful. I am looking forward to doing more with it this year in onsite groups. I recommend any agency to give it a chance.

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