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The largest collection of data and research on the benefits of father involvement and the impacts of father absence.

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of National Fatherhood Initiative®, we are thrilled to introduce the Ninth Edition of our unique research publication, Father Facts™. Packed with the most comprehensive data and research available on the benefits of father involvement and the negative impacts of father absence, Father Facts™ is the ultimate reference manual for anyone passionate about promoting father involvement and advocating for father-inclusive initiatives.

Topics Covered

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Father Facts™ 9 uses a strengths-based framework that emphasizes research on the benefits of involved fathers. With over 370 new entries and 21 new chapters and sections compared to the previous edition, Father Facts™ 9 encompasses a broader range of international studies and more descriptive data, particularly on the various types and categories of fathers.

Common Uses by Human Service Organizations

  • Provide general support (evidence) for your organization’s work with fathers.
  • Advocate for father-inclusive efforts within your organization, collaborative, or coalition.
  • Include data and research in grant proposals.
  • Raise staff awareness and knowledge about the importance of fathers.
  • Use for professional development/growth (your own and fellow staff).
  • Raise community awareness about the importance of fathers. h
  • Share with the media to generate free press/PR for your organization and its father-inclusive efforts.
  • Use in presentations for any audience.

Other Uses

  • Scholars and Educators: Include content in courses on family, parenting/fatherhood, gender, masculinity, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), and related topics.
  • Students: Include content in papers, presentations, and other class assignments.
  • Media: Use in stories/articles and to enhance pitches to your editors.
  • Community Activists: Advocate for initiatives and legislation/policy that support involved fatherhood.
  • Anyone considering fatherhood work: Inform your mission and help establish goals or outcomes that demonstrate a marked improvement in your community due to your work.

Research Team

  • Mark Trahan, PhD, LCSW, Associate Professor, Social Work at Appalachian State University (previously Texas State University), Department Chair
  • Doctoral Students/Candidates: Sun A. Cho, University of Maryland; Pond Ezra, University of Maryland; Aran Garnett-Deakin, Virginia Tech University; Stephen Gibson, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Christopher Brown, MA, President, National Fatherhood Initiative®

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  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword
  • Section IV: Individual Influences on Father Involvement Sample
  • Section IX: Consequences of Father Absence Sample