Effective Facilitation Certificate™ [Online Training]

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Online, via on-demand video, at your own pace.


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Step 1: Purchase one training at a time here in our store website using the email address that matches the attendee's direct email address.

Step 2: Attendee will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Effective Facilitation Certificate™ Training on our website.

Step 3: Attendee will take a simple exam ensuring you have gained the required knowledge.

Step 4: Attendee will receive an electronic PDF Effective Facilitator Certificate™ bearing their name, plus a badge to proudly display on a resume, social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn), business card, or email signature line. The certificate will never expire.


It goes without saying that an effective facilitator is one of the most important components for a successful fatherhood program. To be an effective agent for change, a fatherhood program must be implemented by quality facilitators.

The facilitation skills learned in this training can be used with any fatherhood program or curriculum of your choosing!

Offered by the nation’s fatherhood leader and delivered by National Fatherhood Initiative® President Christopher Brown, the Effective Facilitation Certificate™ Training teaches you the characteristics and skills to be an excellent fatherhood program facilitator, adult learning styles that affect how your participants learn and engage, and how to properly prepare to effectively facilitate each and every session you lead.

This training program is offered online, on demand, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Individuals who complete the Effective Facilitation Certificate™ Training will receive a certificate and web badge.

Completion Time

Approximately 6 hours.

Topics Covered

  • Part 1 > The Facilitator: Characteristics and Skills
  • Part 2 > The Participants (Fathers): Learning Styles, Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose, Cognitive Biases
  • Part 3 > Facilitation: Your Role, Preparation, and Techniques 

Meet Your Trainer

Christopher A. Brown is the President of National Fatherhood Initiative® and has over 15 years experience in the fatherhood field. He has a background in applied anthropology and public health and attended the University of North Texas (B.A.) and the University of South Florida (M.A.). 

Christopher is the designer of the nation’s most widely-used fatherhood programs and resources, trainer of thousands of fatherhood practitioners, and is a member of the federally-funded Fatherhood Research and Practice Network Advisory Committee.  


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2 Reviews

David B. 20th Jun 2016

Taking Fatherhood Facilitation to the Next Level

I thoroughly enjoyed the Effective Facilitation Certificate Training. As a facilitator, I am passionate about the work that I do as I engage fathers. One thing that I try to do is be a life long learner. This training has raised my game to the next level. It reminded me of things I should do such as properly preparing for each session, workshop, or group I facilitate. The training also challenged me to take a look at four types of group facilitation skills and how I facilitate to see where I could raise my game. Learning about the different adult learning style is and how to ensure implementation is a useful tool I will always keep. The timing of the training was perfect for the summer as I prepare to facilitate my next NFI 24:7 Dad group.

Mike 8th Jun 2016

Highly Recommended!

I was very impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of this course material. I am teaching a few different curriculums and this one is by far the most streamlined. I was very impressed!

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