Pocket Guide for Dads: Preschool & School Aged Children

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Also available in Spanish: NFI-105

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The Dad's Pocket Guide™ gives fathers of pre-schoolers and school-aged children the guidance on how to be involved in their children's lives in meaningful ways. It's chock-full of tips and tools that help fathers prepare their children for a lifetime of good health and success in school. It's ideal for any organization that wants to help fathers provide a solid foundation for their pre-school and school-aged children to succeed in life.

This handy pocket-sized guide with sturdy outer cover is a compact but effective way to help dads quickly absorb key information about preparing and providing for their children, as well as practicing being a great dad. There is also a space on the back of the guide for your organizational sticker or stamp to provide contact information so dads can contact your organization in the future. 

Topics Covered


Preparing for your child's education: 
  • Demonstrating the importance of school.
  • Being involved in your child's school and class work.
  • Making school fun!
Providing for your child's health needs:
  • Tips for creating a healthy path for your child.
  • Ensuring healthy foods, diet, and meals together.
  • Making time for and planning joint activities.
 Practicing what it takes to be a great dad:
  • Being a role model.
  • Showing affection.
  • And more!