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Understanding Dad™ is a unique program that helps mothers improve the relationships they have with fathers, for the benefit of their children. This program helps mothers better understand the importance of involving dad in their children's lives, and how to better communicate with the father(s) of their child(ren).

Oftentimes, the mothers' gatekeeping behavior that can prevent or reduce fathers' access to their children - when fathers' involvement in their children's lives would actually benefit their children. This program encourages self-awareness and helps moms improve the communications skills they need to improve their relationships with the fathers of their children.

Understanding Dad™ raises mothers’ awareness about the importance of father involvement in the lives of their children. It helps mothers to reflect on how their own developmental histories have and continue to influence the relationships with the fathers of their children. It also teaches mothers communication skills to improve the partnership between them and the fathers of their children in raising their children (e.g. co-parenting when mothers and fathers are no longer together).

View studies on the effectiveness of the program here.

Program Length

8 sessions at approximately 2 hours each

Program Delivery

Group setting, delivered by a facilitator or delivered one-on-one

Topics Covered

  • My Life as a Mom
  • My Father's Impact
  • My Mother's Impact
  • Me and My Children's Father
  • The Impact on My Children
  • Patterns of Communication
  • Open, Safe Communication
  • How to Listen

Kit Contents

  • (1) Understanding Dad™ Facilitator's Manual 
  • (10) Understanding Dad™  Mother's Handbooks for use during the program and that the moms can keep. 
  • (1) Thumb drive with supporting resources: pre- and post-surveys, certificate of completion, marketing materials, and video content for some sessions.

Training Options

  • Program Guide in Facilitator's Manual provides all necessary facilitator info to run the program successfully.
  • In-person facilitator training at your location is available. Learn more here.

We know it’s very helpful to view a sample of a curriculum before purchasing to get a feel for the content, topics, layout, logic, and more.

>> Click this link to Access a Sample file

Here's what you will find in the free Understanding Dad™ sample file:

-Curriculum Table of Contents
-Logic Model
-Facilitator's Manual Session
-Mother's Handbook Session


Temple University Evaluation Report: Pilot Study of a Program to Increase Mothers’ Understanding of Dads

A version of this evaluation report was accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal: Fagan, J., Cherson, M., Brown, C., & Vecere, E. (2015). Pilot program to increase mother’s understanding of dads. Family Process. doi: 10.1111/famp.12137.

Report Conclusion:

Understanding Dad™ is a new curriculum intended to assist mothers to be more knowledgeable, aware, confident, and skillful at engaging in coparenting relationships with their child’s father. This pilot study showed that the participation of this small group of mothers in the program was associated with improved knowledge, attitudes, and self-efficacy, although the lack of a control group means that the impact of the intervention cannot be determined. The results using this small sample suggest that Understanding Dad™ is a promising new curriculum that should be more rigorously evaluated using a larger sample of mothers and employing a control group. The findings are also consistent with the idea that coparenting interventions may be effective when only one parent, and not both parents, attend the program. However, future evaluations should use more rigorous methods to assess whether programs are equally effective when only mothers are involved versus when mothers and fathers attend a program.

View studies on the effectiveness of the program here.

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