Complete Program Kit: InsideOut Dad® 3rd Edition

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NEW! Now in its 3rd Edition!

Download the Info Sheet HERE to read about everything that's NEW in the Third Edition! 

InsideOut Dad® is An Evidence-Based Program: View the studies here.

Program Delivery: Delivered in a group setting by a Facilitator(s), or can be used one-on-one. Facilitator Training available.

# Sessions: 12 core sessions + 6 optional reentry sessions 

InsideOut Dad® Overview

InsideOut Dad® gets rave reviews from inmates and facilitators alike. When incarcerated fathers are given the vision that they play a unique and irreplaceable role in their children's lives, hearts change, men change - families' and children's lives change. 

InsideOut Dad® is an evidence-based program, proven to develop pro-fathering attitudes, knowledge, and skills, giving fathers the necessary strategies to prepare them for release. The core program sessions feature unique exercises and research-based tools and techniques to encourage fathering from the inside. The optional reentry sessions help fathers prepare for responsibilities and challenges they will face on the outside.

Join the thousands of jails, prisons, and reentry programs across the nation using InsideOut Dad® to give incarcerated fathers the tools they need to become involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

The Complete Program Kit Includes:  
  • (1) InsideOut Dad® Facilitator's Manual: Core Sessions: complete with information about the program's underlying principles and themes and guided information for facilitating each session. 
  • (1) InsideOut Dad® Facilitator's Manual: Optional Reentry Sessions: see topics covered below.
  • (10) InsideOut Dad® Fathering Handbooks: Dads can use in classes and keep as a reference (additional fathering handbooks in both English and Spanish are available for purchase.)
  • (1) InsideOut® Dad USB Flash Drive: Contains supporting videos in English, handouts in English & Spanish, optional Introductory Session, Certificate of Completion, and Marketing Materials.
    Note: If your facility requires a DVD for playing the associated, optional videos on a TV, an InsideOut® Dad DVD can be purchased a la carte HERE.
Additional InsideOut® Dad Core Sessions ($479 each) and Reentry Session Manuals ($189 each) are available for purchase. Must purchase at least one Complete Program Kit to be eligible to purchase additional manuals.

12 Core Program Sessions
  • Being a Man: What Kin of Father/Husband Am I?, Roles of Dad and Mom
  • The Father's Role: The InsideOut Dad, Competitive/Non-competitive Fathering, Marriage Benefits 
  • Co-Parenting & Communication: Parenting Differences, Ways to Communicate
  • Fathering from the Inside: Creating a Fathering Plan
  • Feelings: Showing/Handling Feelings, Grief and Loss 
  • Optional Spirituality Session: Spirituality, Faith, and Fatherhood
  • Men's Health: Stress and Anger, Physical Health, Body Image 
  • Optional Reentry Sessions: Fathering on the Outside, Responsibilities and Child Support, Visits Upon Release 
  • Children's Growth & Discipline: Goals, Self-Worth, Talking with Children, Morals, Values, Rewards and Punishment
6 Optional Reentry Sessions
  • Fathering on the Outside: Reentering the family, reconnecting with family, gatekeepers
    and father figures
  • Communication Patterns: Tips and techniques on how to better communicate

  • Responsibilities and Child Support: Dad’s rights
    and responsibilities, being a provider, the realities and the “INs and OUTs” of child support
  • Safe Communication: The “Emotional Bank Account”, mutual purpose and mutual respect, thinking win-win
  • Visits Upon Release: Importance of visits, what children need during visits, making visits successful
  • Money Management: Costs of raising a child and planning for their future, creating and sticking to a budget



Click to download the InsideOut Dad® Info Sheet containing the information below.

More Research- and Evidence-Informed Content!

• Integrated research and evidence on motivation that will increase dads’ motivation to get the most out of the program and to be involved in their children’s lives. Integrated a commitment device called the InsideOut Dad® Pledge. Developed with the input of facilitators across the country, dads recite the pledge as a public commitment to themselves, their children, and the mother/main caregiver of their children that they will be the best dads possible. Research shows that such devices increase motivation to initiate and maintain behavior change.

Earlier Focus on Fathering from the Inside!

• Moved the Fathering from the Inside session—during which dads develop their My Fathering Plan—to much earlier in the program. Added activities to help them test, refine, and get feedback on their plan. Related changes to subsequent sessions increases retention and application of knowledge and skills.

New Reentry Sessions on Co-Parenting!

• Two new optional sessions on co-parenting help dads with one of the greatest challenges they face: effective communication to improve co-parenting while incarcerated and after release. Dads learn skills to create good communication patterns with the mothers/primary caregivers of their children. They also learn how to create the safe environment required for effective communication. InsideOut Dad® now has three sessions on co-parenting you can use to boost dads’ learning in this critical area.

New Reentry Session on Money Management!

• This new optional session helps dads learn basic money-management skills, such as how to create and stick to a budget and how to access financial support programs that can help them, the mothers/primary caregivers of their children, and their children. New Introductory Session! • This optional session to eases dads into the program. It also helps facilitators learn more about the dads that comprise each unique group, including what motivated them to enroll that facilitators can tap into for maximum impact.

Updated and Improved Existing Content!

• Updated existing content that was out of date or no longer accurate.

• Added more guidance on where to refer dads in their Fathering Handbook, and that get dads more engaged in using the handbook.

• Added or removed activities and procedures to improve sessions and the flow and ease of facilitating activities during sessions.

• Added more “Notes to Facilitator” to:

--Help you better prepare for what might happen during sessions.
--Guide you in effectively facilitating the program with specific kinds of dads.
--Clarify concepts and define words and phrases that facilitators can struggle to get across and that dads can have difficulty understanding.
--Provide additional activities to conduct or information to provide dads when certain situations arise.

• Improved the final session to help dads more effectively process the changes they experience and the impact of those changes on themselves and their relationships with the mother/main caregiver and their children.

Improved Fathering Handbook!

• Altered a design element to make it easier for facilitators to refer dads to exact locations in the handbook.

• Added content that facilitators deliver that was not in the handbook but that facilitators say is important to include. Also added content that helps dads refine their My Fathering Plan and work with the mother/main caregiver to carry out their plan, and that helps dads to more effectively process the changes they experience and the impact of those changes on themselves and others.

Improved Curriculum Components!

• Moved all of the complementary tools and content—marketing/promotional flyers, handouts, evaluation tool/survey, certificate of completion, videos, etc.—to a flash drive. You no longer need a CD-ROM or DVD drive to access and use these vital tools and content.

• Separated the core and reentry sessions into different manuals. Now when you facilitate the core or reentry sessions, you will use a smaller manual, which makes it easier to facilitate.


We know it’s very helpful to view a sample of a curriculum before purchasing to get a feel for the content, topics, layout, logic, and more.

>> Click this link to Access a Sample file

Here's what you will find in the free InsideOut Dad® sample file:

-Core Curriculum Table of Contents
-Logic Model
-Facilitator's Manual Session 1
-Fathering Handbook  Session 1
-Reentry Manual Table of Contents
-Reentry Manual Session 2



View studies of the InsideOut Dad® program here.


We have a few free resources that can help you run the InsideOut Dad® program with fidelity and in a jail or short-term stay facility. Click the links below to access each resource.

-Free Guide: How to Use InsideOut Dad® in Jails

-Free Guide: How to Run InsideOut Dad® with Fidelity

-Free Download: InsideOut Dad® Fidelity Checklist


Inspiring and Informational InsideOut Dad® Videos:
Location/title followed by keyword descriptions of content. Click the title to view the video. (You can save the video link from YouTube to share).

-Purgatory Correctional Facility: Life-changing program, facilitator perspectives and program structure, live session clips, father perspectives.

-The Story of Alyssa Gray and her father, Adam: Session Clip of the "Paper Hugs" activity, female facilitator's perspectives, fathers' experiences during incarceration and reconnecting with children and family.

-Washington State DOC: Fathering from the inside, selflessness, fathers' attitudes and view of correctional officers.

-Richmond County Jail: Hear from graduates of the program and how it has impacted their lives.

-Family Support Services of North Florida: Facilitator perspectives and approaches, rehabilitation of inmates, live session clips, fathers' feedback on program.

-Xavier's Story (longer video): The story of formerly incarcerated father Troy Gaines and his son Xavier - incarceration, family history, reconnection, life change.

1 Review

Jeff Walker, Parenthood Coordinator with Family Services of North Alabama 12th Nov 2019

Love the InsideOut Dad® Reentry Sessions

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the InsideOut Dad® Reentry Sessions. A lot of our Dads have been in prison or long term rehabs and away from their kids for an extended time. The topics are so useful and exactly what my guys need. From reconnecting with mom and the kids, dealing with the ex-wife in a productive manner, to dealing with child support and managing money. So many "rubber meets the road", basic everyday issues that dads face and may not be prepared for. I highly recommend these. Thank for giving me the tools I need to help dads and families.

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