Bundle: Father Facts Poster Set of 5 Verison 2 (22x28 Horizontal)

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Also available in Spanish: NFI-62

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Set of 5, 22"x28" (Not sold separately)


This new set of strength-based Father Facts posters turns research on the benefits of father involvement for children and moms into attractive, compelling art that helps create an environment in your facility that says fathers are welcome and that reminds staff of how important it is to engage fathers in programs and services. Staff can also use them when working with fathers in groups or one-on-one to start discussions about the important role fathers play in their children’s lives.



  • Poster: Children who live with their dads do better in school.
  • Poster: Children with involved dads are less likely to be mistreated.
  • Poster: Adolescent/teen boys who live with their dads are less likely to carry guns and deal drugs.
  • Poster: Involved dads improve their children's overall emotional and social well-being.
  • Poster: Involved dads reduce mom's parenting stress.

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