Does your organization struggle to recruit dads? Does your organization struggle to retain dads--to keep them coming back?

If you answered "yes" to either or both of those questions, then register for this unique, online training that draws on NFI's 25 years of experience helping organizations recruit and retain dads.

NFI President Christopher Brown delivers the Recruitment and Retention Certificate™ training. It will help you develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills to help your organization (or any other) to recruit and retain dads.

Chris covers:

  • The proper mindset to succeed in addressing this all too common pain point.
  • The "Build-Measure-Assess-Refine" loop--the process for developing a successful recruitment and retention plan.
  • The foundation you must put in place to succeed with recruitment and retention, and how to build on that foundation by adding customized recruitment and retention tactics.
  • Examples of NFI partners' success with recruitment and retention that you can use.
  • Cutting-edge, research-based concepts from the behavioral sciences that can help you identify breakthrough recruitment and retention tactics.
  • Free NFI and non-NFI resources to build, measure, assess, and refine your plan.

Students also receive:

  • Access to a new, exclusive online tool for use in creating a recruitment and retention plan.
  • An electronic PDF Recruitment and Retention Certificate™ bearing your name, plus a badge you can proudly display on your resume, social media profile (e.g. LinkedIn), business card, or email signature line.

Stay tuned for our announcement when the online course is ready.