InsideOut Dad®

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Fact: National Fatherhood Initiative® has trained more than 2,700 individuals in the U.S. and worldwide to run InsideOut Dad®. Will you join them?

Now in its Third Edition, InsideOut Dad® is the most widely used evidence-based fatherhood program developed specifically for incarcerated fathers. Click here to see What's New in the 3rd Edition

InsideOut Dad® connects inmate fathers to their families, helping to improve behavior while still incarcerated and to break the cycle of recidivism by developing pro-fathering attitudes, knowledge, and skills, along with strategies to prepare fathers for release. Incarcerated fathers get the tools they need to become more involved, responsible, and committed in the lives of their children -- providing increased motivation for them to get out and stay out. 

View the Rutgers University study providing the evidence-base for InsideOut Dad®


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