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This bundle contains resources that are ideal for practitioners working in the child abuse prevention arena. NFI chose the resources in this bundle because they address so many child abuse prevention topics. Together, the resources in this bundle help dads the importance of his involvement in his children’s lives, how to promote peaceful and safe homes where children can thrive, how to discipline children in a loving, non-violent manner, and how to parent effectively in partnership with the mothers of their children. 

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Topics Covered

  • Promote safe homes
  • Effective discipline questions dads can ask themselves to prepare for fatherhood
  • Co-parenting tips and plan
  • Resolving conflict
  • How to be a great dad
  • Vital topics for dads about involved fatherhood
  • Vital topics for moms about father involvement

Kit Contents

  • DLD-19 (1) 17 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Dads (Electronic Download after purchase)
  • DLD-18 (1) 14 Vital Topics for Staff to Discuss with Moms to Increase Dad’s Involvement (Electronic Download after purchase)
  • NFI-95 - 1pk (50) - The Importance of An Involved Father Brochure
  • NFI-01 - 1 pk (50) - 10 Ways to be a Better Dad Brochure
  • NFI-40 - 1 pk (50) - Creating a Safe Home For Your Family Brochure
  • NFI-12 - 1 pk (50) - Keeping Your Child Safe Brochure
  • NFI-94 - 1 pk (50) - 12 Tips for Effectively Disciplining Your Children Tip Card
  • NFI-92 - 1 pk (50) - 10 Tips on Co-Parenting Tip Card
  • NFI-98 - 1 pk (50) - How Dad Can be a Good Co-Parent Brochure
  • NFI-06 - 1 pk (50) - How to Resolve Conflict with the Mother of Your Child

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