Bundle: 24:7 Dad® AM with Understanding Domestic Violence™ Booster Session

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This bundle includes the Understanding Domestic Violence™ FatherTopics Booster Session as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing domestic violence with the dads you serve. You have several options for using Understanding Domestic Violence with 24:7 Dad® A.M.

  • Use it as a follow-up after dads complete 24:7 Dad® AM. or P.M.
  • If you use the A.M. version of 24:7 Dad®, you can integrate it between Session 10 (Working with Mom and Co-Parenting) and Session 11 (Dads and Work).
  • If you use the P.M. version of 24:7 Dad®, you can integrate it between Session 7 (Power and Control) and Session 8 (Communication).

24:7 Dad® is an evidence-based fatherhood program used by hundreds of organizations across the nation to improve the knowledge, behavior, and skills of dads of all races, religions, and demographics. The program is built on the basis that fathers can be nurturers, and for men, nurturing is a learned skill. Throughout the program, men examine their own fatherhood history, learn the 5 characteristics of a 24:7 Dad®, and other important behaviors such as working with mom and proper child discipline to help them be the best dads they can be.

Now in it's Third Edition, 24:7 Dad® has been enhanced to meet requests and suggestions made by facilitators in the field. Research-based additions such as the "My 24:7 Dad Checklist", videos to enhance and add variety to the delivery of the program, father-attendee materials now provided in Spanish, and reference cards in the fathering handbooks bring this program to the next level.

To access everything about the program in one document, download our handy "Pitch Kit" here.

Learn the differences between 24:7 Dad® A.M. and 24:7 Dad® P.M. here.

Program Length

12 core sessions + 1 optional introductory session

Program Delivery Options

Delivered in a group setting by a facilitator(s), or can be used one-on-one and in a home-based setting. Click here to learn how you can customize 24:7 Dad® to your setting.

Topics Covered

  • Discipline: Morals and Values; Rewards and Punishment
  • What it Means to Be a Man: Today’s Man; Body Image
  • Children’s Growth: Goals and Self-Worth; Nature or Nurture?
  • Showing and Handling Feelings: Holding Feelings Inside; Grief and Loss
  • Getting Involved: Ways to be involved; Helping my children do well in school
  • Men’s Health: Stress and Anger; Physical Health
  • Working with Mom and Co-Parenting: Parenting Differences; Walking a Mile in Her Shoes; I’m Okay, She’s Okay
  • Communication: Ways to Communicate; Talking with Children
  • Dads and Work: Work and family; Balancing work and family
  • The Father’s Role: The Ideal Father; What kind of father am I?; Benefits of Marriage
  • My 24:7 Dad® Checklist: Skills I Learned; Assessing My Fatherhood Skills (Optional); Celebrate (Optional)

Kit Contents

  • (1) 24:7 Dad® AM Facilitator's Manual with Program Guide: Contains in-depth information you need to easily facilitate the program. (24:7 Dad® Facilitator's Manuals are available for purchase in Spanish. Please call for details: 240-912-1263.)
  • (10) 24:7 Dad® AM Fathering Handbooks: Dads will use and write in to participate in activities (extra English and Spanish handbooks available for purchase).
  • (10) Quick Reference Cards: Perforated  tear-out inside handbook back cover, dads can keep  pocket cards to remind them of the characteristics of a 24:7 Dad®. Also includes 10 Affirmations for Their Kids.
  • (1) Thumb drive (flash drive): Contains evaluation tools and worksheets in English and Spanish, marketing resources, videos to enhance and incorporate into program delivery, and more.

  • CNA-176 - (1) Understanding Domestic Violence Booster Session (Binder-ready, 3-hole punched)
  • **A Spanish adaptation of the Fathering Handbook is available for purchase here.**

Training Options

  • Program Guide in Facilitator's Manual provides background, philosophy, and all necessary facilitator information to run the program successfully.
  • Public webinar training is available, view the schedule here.
  • Custom webinar training and in-person training at your location are also available. Learn more here.




What is the difference between 24:7 Dad® A.M. and P.M.?

Both versions use the same philosophy, background, and structure. The difference lies in the topics that are covered in each version. 24:7 Dad® A.M. covers basic fathering skills and topics while 24:7 Dad® P.M. covers deeper fathering skills and topics.

Most organizations choose to run A.M. first followed by P.M. Or, if your fathers have been through a different fatherhood program that provided basic, fathering information, you may choose to run P.M. as the next step in their fathering journey.

View the 24:7 Dad® A.M. / P.M. Comparison Chart here.



We know it’s very helpful to view a sample of a curriculum before purchasing to get a feel for the content, topics, layout, logic, and more.

>> Click this link to Access a Sample file

Here's what you will find in the free 24:7 Dad® sample file:

-Curriculum Table of Contents
-Logic Model
-Facilitator's Manual Session 1
-Fathering Handbook Session 1




24:7 Dad® was found to be an evidence-based program by The University of Hawaii. Click here to download the University of Hawaii Study.

The Child and Family Research Partnership (CFRP) at the University of Texas at Austin found that the program leads to highly significant increases in four of the five protective factors shown to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect. View the study here.

You can also visit our 24:7 Dad® resource page to view other studies and evaluations.

We have a few free resources that can help you run the 24:7 Dad® program with fidelity and in a shorter timeframe. Click the links below to access each resource.

-Free Guide: How to Deliver 24:7 Dad® in Four Weeks

-Free Guide: How to Run 24:7 Dad® with Fidelity

-Free Checklist: 24:7 Dad® A.M. and P.M. Fidelity Checklist

-Free Download: Using 24:7 Dad® with Teens


Inspiring and Informational 24:7 Dad® Videos:
Location/title followed by keyword descriptions of content. Click the title to view the video. (You can save the video link from YouTube to share.)

-Day 2 Day Dads Fatherhood ProgramIn this video, see how Family Resource Center South Atlantic uses 24/7 Dad® and other services to foster healthy relationships and strengthen child-family engagement.

-Housing Opportunities Commission, Montgomery County, MDIn this video, a fatherhood program participant shares how the program has impacted his family. For another great testimonial, click here

-Testimonial from 24:7 Dad® Participant Dave Norgart (Iowa): This do-it-yourself testimonial produced by a 24:7 Dad®; program participant shows how the program moved this father from the depths of despair to an involved, responsible, committed father. 

-Center for Fathers and Families (Sacramento, CA): This video shows how an organization dedicated to fatherhood has combined the 24:7 Dad® program with other services that serve the entire family and community.

-Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's P.O.P.S. Program (Fresno, CA): See how Fresno EOC is training dads to be better dads and community leaders.

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