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Reentry/Probation & Parole

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NFI's 24/7 Dad® research-based fatherhood program is used by reentry and probation/parole programs across the nation to begin (or continue) a father's education about his important role as a father. The 24/7 Dad® program is based on a philosophy that supports the growth and development of fathers and children as nurturing, caring, compassionate people who treat themselves, others, and the environment with respect and dignity. It covers key fathering topics such as: Family History, What it Means to Be a Man, Showing and Handling Feelings, Communication, Discipline, Co-Parenting, and more.
Engaging fathers for successful reentry using the 24/7 Dad® program is strategic because a father's reentry success not only impacts themselves, but everyone involved and present in their life. If a father receives the necessary tools and skills to be successful, he can pass this wealth of knowledge onto fellow fathers, and most importantly, onto his family and children. Through 24/7 Dad ®, ex-offenders and returning citizens learn that they can “pay it forward” -- even if they can never “pay it back.”
As noted by a recent 24/7 Dad ® Father Participant: "If I had to rate this program [24/7 Dad®], in one word: ‘priceless.’ It’s absolutely priceless. I would say that every father, potential father and anyone thinking about being a father should be a part of this program."

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