Out Of The Ashes: Where a Seed Finds Life [DVD+Discussion Guide]

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Out of the Ashes is a powerful 32-minute film — a one-act play, of sorts — intended to start the discussion and healing process with children and fathers impacted by a father’s incarceration. In 1994, at the age of 21, Coley Harris was incarcerated for 14 years in prisons within the Delaware Department of Correction. His son Ahmarr was just 2 years old. They reunited in 2008 when Ahmarr was 16. This film chronicles the struggle both men faced as they navigated their separation and reunion. Consequently, it symbolizes the struggle faced by incarcerated fathers and their children. The Facilitated Discussion Guide includes questions that help incarcerated fathers, their children, and family members explore the issues, thoughts, and feelings caused by the father absence associated with incarceration.


  • DVD with movie, trailer, and actor biographies
  • Facilitated Discussion Guide downloaded online for free after purchase

How to use the Film and Discussion Guide:

  • Ideal for use by individuals and organizations that work with incarcerated fathers, children of incarcerated parents, and family members of incarcerated fathers.
  • Also a great resource for individuals and organizations that work with formerly incarcerated fathers and their children.
  • Use as a stand-alone resource or integrate with other curricula/programs.
  • Excellent for work with groups of fathers and children (or other family members) in which you facilitate a free-flowing discussion.
  • Use for individual work with fathers and children (e.g. in a case management or an individual coaching setting).

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2 Reviews

Timmy R. Smith 26th Jul 2016

This video speaks to losses suffered in fatherlessness

My organization showed this video in two sessions to men who are incarcerated. At this critical point in their lives where they are about to be released back into the civilized word. This video speaks to their hearts, and helps them to realize the losses that have been suffered by them and their children. The video gives fathers and children a starting point to reconnect with each other.

Ward Williams 19th Apr 2016

Video can be stand alone class or fits within multiple Inside Out Dad Sessions

My organization showed Out of Ashes at a correctional facility outside of Birmingham AL. We facilitate Inside Out Dad to about 20 men a cycle who are often in the last year of their prison sentence. The issue of reconciling or reconnecting with their kids is the most important issue to many of these men. I think this video helps to provide an additional tool in preparing these men to think about the best way to take steps to reconnect with their families.

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