Help Me Grow: The Elementary School Years (SP)

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Welcome to the first year of your child's life! Organized in 2-month groupings, with contributions from Dr. Kyle Pruett and Dr. Yvette Warren, Help Me Grow: A Dad's Guide to the Ages and Stages of Child Growth - The Elementary School Years covers everything dads need to know about what to expect and not to expect in terms of child growth during these years. By reviewing the charts in this guide, Dad will learn about the physical, mental/emotional, and social changes his child will go through. The guides also include tips for dads to help their child grow. In turn, this information allows them to be more involved, responsible fathers. 

Knowing that children grow at different rates, the main thing is that his child is able to do these things at some point, even if at a later age. Dad can also share the charts with his child's mother so that she'll know what to expect as well! 

Note to Organizations: Help dads remember where they received this valuable information! Customize your guides by placing your organizational sticker or stamp in the space provided on the back.

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