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Celebrating National Fatherhood Initiative's 25th Anniversary, we bring you the Eighth Edition of our one-of-a-kind publication Father Facts, chock full of the most comprehensive research available on father absence and involvement! 

Produced in an easy-to-navigate PDF document, you can purchase, download, and access the data immediately. Father Facts remains the premier reference manual for anyone interested in promoting responsible fatherhood.

New to the Eighth Edition:

  • 212 new studies (published 2015-2019)
  • Updated summaries of what we know in each section/topic based on the impact of new studies
  • New section/topic: Impact of Father Involvement on Pre- and Post-Natal Paternal and Maternal Stress and Depression
  • Updated national tables on rates of father absence (through 2018)
  • Updated state-level tables on rates of father absence (through 2017)
  • Updated additional resources for research on the impacts of father absence and father involvement

Father Facts 8 provides unparalleled depth and breadth of information on the consequences of father absence for children with regard to alcohol and substance abuse, child abuse, crime, educational attainment, emotional and behavioral problems, physical health, poverty, and suicide. It also includes:

  • State-level data on father absence (as in the past, national data also included)
  • The societal costs of father absence
  • Incarceration as a cause of father absence
  • Attitudes and predictors of father involvement
  • Father access and visitation with children
  • The impact of marriage on father involvement; women’s well-being and marital satisfaction
  • Data on the many types of fathers: non-custodial, non-resident, single, divorced, teen, incarcerated, military, stay-at-home, and step-fathers; millennials as fathers; grandfathers raising grandchildren

Resource Uses

The data in Father Facts can serve a host of purposes for the following individuals:

  • Dads – Advocate for greater support of fathers in your community.
  • Community-based Organizations – Write stronger grant proposals and bolster support for your program in your community.
  • Scholars and Educators – Use data as a reference for your students and a source of the latest scholarship on family.
  • The Media – Back up your stories and make better pitches to your editors.
  • Policymakers – Write stronger findings in legislation and bolster support for fatherhood-related policies.
  • Anyone considering fatherhood work – Inform your mission, and help establish goals you may want to reach to demonstrate marked improvement in your community as a result of your work.




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