FatherTopics Workshop: Understanding Domestic Violence (Download)

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FatherTopics Understanding Domestic Violence

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Healthy, nurturing, and loving fathers play a significant role in preventing domestic violence. Fathers who participate in this workshop will increase their awareness of what domestic violence is and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of domestic violence in their families. This workshop has information on domestic violence, such as its cyclical nature and recognizing its red flags, which can help keep men out of a Batterer Intervention Program (BIP.) 
What is the Understanding Domestic Violence™ Workshop? 
This workshop helps your facilitators/organization understand the many types of domestic violence, the impact it has on fathers and families, and how it can be addressed with men you're in contact with. 
How Is It Used? 
Intended for use as stand-alone workshops or as supplemental sessions to your fatherhood programming, Understanding Domestic Violence ™ is an affordable method for delivering fatherhood programming in as little as 3-4 hours. 
A great addition to use along with our 24/7 Dad® curriculum.
What's Included in the Workshop Manual?
The Understanding Domestic Violence™ Manual includes everything you need to easily facilitate your program. This three-session manual guides you through interactive sessions that produce thoughtful and engaging discussions among attendees. Fathers learn about the effects of violence on their children though visual cues and activities, and how they can address it. 
Topics Covered
  • Definitions of domestic violence and its prevalence in society 
  • The family impact of domestic violence and its effects on children 
  • The cyclical nature of domestic violence
  • How to recognize the early warning signs of domestic violence
  • How to foster non-violence in the home

2 Reviews

Mario Jones 29th Mar 2019

Understanding Domestic Violence

This resource was a really effective way of breaking down barriers with my teen fathers. It explained the different types of domestice violence which in turned opened the eyes of my fathers which only thought domestic violence was physical. Great resource!

Patrick Duganz 7th Mar 2019

Use this tool often

At the home visiting program where I engage fathers, I use this tool with men who are involved in domestic violence, and are learning to be single parents following the incident(s). Part of that transition is understanding the impact domestic violence has on children, and how to better manage behavior to hopefully avoid recurrence in the future. Through my work, I have seen men grapple with the difficult questions posed in these sessions, and grow toward bring better, more empathic men and fathers. In my work having effective tools to help men makes the program stronger, and increases the lasting impact we can make in our community. Without hesitation I recommend this session to anyone working with domestic violence perpetrators. It is an effective tool to engage men with such a difficult and sensitive topic.

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