FatherTopics Booster Session: Mom as Gateway (Download)

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FatherTopics Workshop Mom as Gateway

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Studies show that mother's perceptions greatly influence father's involvement; therefore mothers are a key factor for getting fathers involved. When both parents can effectively co-parent together, their children benefit greatly. 
What is the Mom As Gateway™ Booster Session? 
This session helps you break down barriers between mothers and fathers by addressing what is known as Maternal Gatekeeping - when a mothers beliefs about a father, as well as her behaviors, hinder a father's involvement - and facilitate helpful discussions and efforts towards co-parenting. 

How Is It Used? 
Intended for use as stand-alone workshops or as supplemental sessions to your fatherhood programming, Mom As Gateway ™ is an affordable method for delivering fatherhood programming in as little as 3-4 hours. 
What's Included in the Manual?
The Mom As Gateway™ Manual includes everything you need to easily facilitate your program. The manual includes an easy-to-use, step-by-step description on how to conduct each session and includes all of the handouts for each session that you can photocopy. It is in PDF format and provides you with 3 learning sessions for moms that can be used alone or as a companion program with National Fatherhood Initiative's 24/7 Dad™ or other fathering programs. 

Topics Covered
Facilitators bring moms together for three sessions: 
  • The Role of the Gatekeeper 
  • Power and Control in Relationships Between Men & Women 
  • Minimize Excessive Gatekeeping 
Do you have any tips for facilitating Mom As Gateway™? 
Most mothers are not familiar with the term "maternal gatekeeping" and may be confused by the language of "Mom As Gateway", so it's a good idea to promote the sessions as a way that moms can learn how to help dad get involved. Promotions for Mom As Gateway™ sessions should also inform moms on why dad needs to be involved by pointing out relevant research and statistics.

2 Reviews

Kristi Sjullie, Navigator with ASAC-Heart of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, IA 14th May 2019

Great Curriculum! Fun & Interactive

I’ve used this curriculum with many moms who have different situations with the fathers of their children with a lot of success. Pretty much everyone gains something from it. The first 4 lessons allow her to focus on her own life and views, and the second half is all about communication. Mothers who think they have a good relationship with their children’s father may feel like it doesn’t apply to them. I tend to use them as a resource during the groups, and that makes them feel validated. The mothers who have poor relationships really get the most out of this curriculum, and the mothers who cannot have a relationship with the father of their children are encouraged to take a futuristic view of the material. Much of the success relies on tailoring the content to each woman’s situation. The majority of women I have worked with really enjoyed it.

Marisol R. 28th Aug 2018

Great material, I wish you had it in Spanish

This workshop well laid out and easy to do. And the best part is that the women who participate are really having an eye-opening experience and learning about their maternal gate keeping behavior.

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