FatherTopics Booster Session: Mom as Gateway (Download)

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FatherTopics Workshop Mom as Gateway

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Studies show that mother's perceptions greatly influence father's involvement; therefore mothers are a key factor for getting fathers involved. When both parents can effectively co-parent together, their children benefit greatly. 
What is the Mom As Gateway™ Booster Session? 
This session helps you break down barriers between mothers and fathers by addressing what is known as Maternal Gatekeeping - when a mothers beliefs about a father, as well as her behaviors, hinder a father's involvement - and facilitate helpful discussions and efforts towards co-parenting. 

How Is It Used? 
Intended for use as stand-alone workshops or as supplemental sessions to your fatherhood programming, Mom As Gateway ™ is an affordable method for delivering fatherhood programming in as little as 3-4 hours. 
What's Included in the Manual?
The Mom As Gateway™ Manual includes everything you need to easily facilitate your program. The manual includes an easy-to-use, step-by-step description on how to conduct each session and includes all of the handouts for each session that you can photocopy. It is in PDF format and provides you with 3 learning sessions for moms that can be used alone or as a companion program with National Fatherhood Initiative's 24/7 Dad™ or other fathering programs. 

Topics Covered
Facilitators bring moms together for three sessions: 
  • The Role of the Gatekeeper 
  • Power and Control in Relationships Between Men & Women 
  • Minimize Excessive Gatekeeping 
Do you have any tips for facilitating Mom As Gateway™? 
Most mothers are not familiar with the term "maternal gatekeeping" and may be confused by the language of "Mom As Gateway", so it's a good idea to promote the sessions as a way that moms can learn how to help dad get involved. Promotions for Mom As Gateway™ sessions should also inform moms on why dad needs to be involved by pointing out relevant research and statistics.

3 Reviews

Sheri Drost 26th Jun 2019

Helps clients explore what the term “gatekeeping” means and is a catalyst for change and inspiration

At RENEW LIfe Center in Paterson, NJ, we love how Mom as Gateway enables our clients to explore what the term “gatekeeping” means and investigate how they use it in their lives through exercises that involve critical thinking and role playing. It’s eye opening to the mothers when they realize that their daily interactions with or attitudes toward the father, which often seem trivial, play a key role in fostering a positive father-child relationship. Awareness of how power struggles can negatively impact a child's wellbeing motivates our clients to learn strategies and tools of how to solve conflict through listening and communicating with an open mind that leads to mutual understanding. It’s amazing how during the workshop the mothers create a community where they feel free to share their experiences without being judged and find countless ways to encourage each other and celebrate successes. Mom as Gateway is often a catalyst for change that inspires our clients to take part in additional educational workshops promoting healthy relationships, financial stability, and leadership training.

Kristi Sjullie, Navigator with ASAC-Heart of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, IA 14th May 2019

Great Curriculum! Fun & Interactive

I’ve used this curriculum with many moms who have different situations with the fathers of their children with a lot of success. Pretty much everyone gains something from it. The first 4 lessons allow her to focus on her own life and views, and the second half is all about communication. Mothers who think they have a good relationship with their children’s father may feel like it doesn’t apply to them. I tend to use them as a resource during the groups, and that makes them feel validated. The mothers who have poor relationships really get the most out of this curriculum, and the mothers who cannot have a relationship with the father of their children are encouraged to take a futuristic view of the material. Much of the success relies on tailoring the content to each woman’s situation. The majority of women I have worked with really enjoyed it.

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