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National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) continues its tradition of producing the most comprehensive research available on father absence and involvement in one publication. Father Facts remains the premier reference manual for anyone interested in promoting responsible fatherhood!

New to this edition, the entire first chapter is dedicated to a single study - arguably the most important study done on the causal effects of father absence - proving beyond reproach, that father absence causes many of the poor outcomes we see for children.

Further bringing this publication to the next level, newly added, sought-after topics across 14 new chapters and sections include:

  • State-level data on father absence (as in the past, national data also included)
  • The societal costs of father absence
  • Incarceration as a cause of father absence
  • Father access and visitation with children
  • The impact of marriage on father involvement; women’s well-being and marital satisfaction
  • Data on the many types of fathers: non-custodial, non-resident, single, divorced, teen, incarcerated, military, stay-at-home, and step-fathers; millennials as fathers; grandfathers raising grandchildren

Father Facts 7 contains tables and charts of all the latest US Census bureau data on family structure and the living arrangements of children. NEW! State level data is provided in charts in additional to national data.

Produced in an easy-to-navigate PDF document, Father Facts 7 continues to provide unparalleled depth and breadth of information on the consequences of father absence for children with regard to alcohol and substance abuse, child abuse, crime, educational attainment, emotional and behavioral problems, physical health, poverty, suicide and more. It covers attitudes and predictors of father involvement; the impact of marriage, and other issues related to father absence.

Save time finding the facts you need with this all-in-one research publication.

2 Reviews

Mitch Freeman 11th Jun 2018

Father Facts

I love this resource. There is so much data out there concerning father-absence and father-impact. It would take a lot of my time to gather the information I need. The Father Facts resource does a ton of work for me by compiling the most current and relevant research in one place. One of the strengths of this resource is its organization. The data is categorized into different fields and presented with a quick summary of the research. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who works with fathers.

31st Mar 2016

Great Material for Agencies and Individuals working with and for Fathers

Great insight and practical.

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