Complete Program Kit: The 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad™

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Your "short length" fatherhood program! The 7 Habits of A 24/7 Dad™ is your go-to fatherhood program when our 12-session, 24/7 Dad® program is too long or intensive for your program needs.

7 Habits of A 24/7 Dad™ fatherhood program consists of 8, 1-hour sessions that combine  fundamental fathering principles from NFI's 24/7 Dad™ programs with FranklinCovey®'s timeless 7 Habits, making it easier than ever to engage fathers! This activity-filled program guides men as they adopt and apply seven helpful habits that will revolutionize their fathering skills and help them connect with their kids.

Easy to implement and flexible for a wide-variety of programs, including community-based organizations, military installations, churches, corporations - anyone looking for an easy way to engage fathers! Use The 7 Habits of A 24/7 Dad™ to get your fatherhood program started or as the perfect complement to more in-depth fatherhood programming.

Run this workshop in one day, or break apart into 8 sessions - whichever works best for you!

What's Included

  • 1 Facilitator's Guide with information about the program's principles
  • 1 Workshop Videos DVD filled with videos for each session
  • 1 PowerPoint presentation CD-ROM
  • 10 Fathering Guidebooks the dads can keep
  • 10 Reference Cards - 3x5"" cards dads can keep in their wallets.

Topics Covered

  • The Habits of a 24/7 Dad
  • How to Be a Good Man
  • What You Can and Can't Control
  • Self Care & 
    Self Reflection
  • Being Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Managing Responsibilities & Priorities
  • How to Negotiate
  • Communicating with Others
  • Nurturing Children & Modeling Desired Behaviors

4 Reviews

Joel Levitt, Volunteer, Families Network of Western Connecticut 14th Aug 2017

Well-researched, well-organized curriculum with clear objectives

I've been a volunteer co-facilitator of fathering courses at a social service agency for the past four years, and a school district administrator familiar with curriculum for nearly forty years, prior. Our most recent course utilized the "The 7 Habits of the 24/7 Dad" and it worked beautifully. It is a well-researched, well-organized curriculum with clear objectives and the means to achieve them. Trying to do justice to the complexities of fatherhood is daunting, but the relative brevity of our program helped boost attendance and commitment and the 24/7 guide served as a blueprint for success.

Charles H. 24th Jul 2017

The 7 Habits has been a positive influence on our participants and facilitators alike

Using the 7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad Guidebook, allows the facilitator, after assessing the participating fathers' hurdles, to apply Being Proactive and Put First Things First in scenarios and reflections of personal experience that fathers may be able to directly relate. Using diagrams and videos to get and keep fathers involved using The 7 Habits.

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