Booster Session: Mom as Gateway

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Address maternal gatekeeping—
when both a mother's beliefs about a father and her behaviors hinder a father's involvement.

Maternal gatekeeping refers to a mother’s protective beliefs about the desirability of a father’s involvement in their child’s life, and the behaviors acted upon that either facilitate or hinder collaborative childrearing (often called “shared parenting” or “co-parenting”) between the parents. These sessions for moms help you break down barriers between mothers and fathers by addressing maternal gatekeeping and facilitate helpful discussions and efforts towards co-parenting.

Program Length

3, 1-hour sessions

Program Delivery

Intended for use as stand-alone sessions or as booster sessions to your existing programming.

The objectives of this booster session are to: 1) increase mothers’ awareness of what gatekeeping is, how it operates, and how it is sometimes misused out of anger and hurt; 2) offer concrete examples that will facilitate mothers’ understanding of the negative impact of excessive gatekeeping and the importance of supporting father involvement; and 3) engage mothers in exercises that will facilitate the reduction of restrictive maternal gatekeeping1 behaviors that inhibit father engagement.

Topics Covered

  • The Role of The Gatekeeper
  • Power and Control Between Men and Women in Relationships
  • Minimize Excessive Gatekeeping

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