17 Vital Topics (Critical Issues) for Staff to Discuss with Dads (Download)

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FORMERLY KNOWN AS: 17 Critical issues to Discuss with Dads


This guide is a valuable resource to aide you in having discussions with dads at any time and in any setting. Organizations who work one-on-one with dads can use this guide to lead discussions and facilitate valuable, structured conversations - especially in home-visiting settings. This guide is extremely helpful to those who make presentations to dads in the community, such as at schools or businesses/workplaces, and for those who already run a group-based fatherhood program or workshop and wish to delve further into certain topics.

Easy to Use Structure

  • Customize a discussion with dads using the 17 Critical Issues Guide in any way you want.
  • Use the guide to design lectures, workshops, seminars, events, and other activities for fathers.
  • Cover one or more topics at any depth you like, in any format you like, and within your time constraints.
  • Use the guide to experiment with the topics, format, and discussion length that works best for you/your organization.


  • Each topic is covered in two to three pages. You will find background information on the topic, which includes several important factors to keep in mind when working with fathers on the topic.
  • The background information is followed by key learning objectives for fathers that you should build into the type of learning format that you decide to use.
  • The topic ends with key questions that fathers should ask themselves on the topic. These key questions are tied to the learning objectives.

Topics Covered:

  • Topic 1: Family of Origin
  • Topic 2: Masculinity and Fatherhood
  • Topic 3: Fathering Skills
  • Topic 4: Child Development
  • Topic 5: Raising Boys, Raising Girls
  • Topic 6: Discipline
  • Topic 7: Gender Communication
  • Topic 8: Building Healthy Marriages and Relationships
  • Topic 9: Dealing with Emotions
  • Topic 10: Grief and Loss
  • Topic 11: Men’s Health
  • Topic 12: Sexuality
  • Topic 13: Intimacy
  • Topic 14: Power of Spirituality
  • Topic 15: Power of a Fathers’ Support Group and Network
  • Topic 16: Balancing Work and Family
  • Topic 17: Financial Responsibility

Led by NFI President Christopher Brown, an applied anthropologist with more than 20 years experience designing fatherhood programs and resources and studying fatherhood and masculinity cross culturally, our team has identified 17 critical issues over the years that are essential to address when assisting fathers of any race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic background in becoming involved, responsible, and committed dads. The compilation of those issues and how to educate fathers on these issues, is represented in this helpful, budget-friendly guide which can be used in many settings and situations for all types of fathers.


1 Review

9th Nov 2014

Good supplement for mentoring fathers

I work for 2 crisis pregnancy centers and review the course Practical Fatherhood with them each week. I take one of the 17 critical issues and discuss with client each week. It is a good supplement .

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