Reach new and expectant Dads when they need it most with child health & safety workshops! DoctorDad® Workshops are great for new and expectant dads as it helps increase fathers' health literacy by providing men with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully care for their young children right from the start. 

Evaluation & Research
Independent, third-party research shows that DoctorDad®
  • Increases fathers' knowledge of child health and safety. 
  • Improves fathers' confidence in their ability to perform basic parenting skills. 
How are They Used? 
Presented as 60-90 minute stand-alone workshops, or as supplemental sessions to your current fatherhood programming, or purchase all four workshop kits to cover each of these important issues with your dads! 
Topics Covered
DoctorDad® Workshops cover a wide range of important child health and safety skills. 
  • The Well Child: New! Crying Flowchart, Infant Nutrition, Immunization, Temperament, and more.
  • The Sick Child: Fevers, The Common Cold, Dehydration, and more. 
  • The Injured Child: Burns, Scrapes, Choking, and more. 
  • The Safe Child: Safety in the car, Safety in the Kitchen, Parental Anger, and more. 

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     Injured Child Workshop

     Safe Child Workshop

     Sick Child Workshop

     Well Child Workshop

DoctorDad® Complete Workshop Kit (All 4 Topics)
DoctorDad® Complete Workshop Kit (All 4 Topics)