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NFI Program Research/Evaluation

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NFI has conducted a number of evaluations on its product and programs, which have resulted in positive results around their effectiveness.

Following are downloadable reports on some of our most popular and widely used curriculum and fatherhood skill-building resources: 24/7 Dad®, Doctor Dad®, InsideOut Dad®,InsideOut Dad®Guide to Family Ties, New Dad's Pocket Guide™, and Understanding Dad™: An Awareness and Communication Program for Moms.

24/7 Dad®  

Iowa State University—24/7 Dad® and Reentry (September 2012)
This report contains an independent, third-party evaluation conducted by researchers at Iowa State University’s Child Welfare and Training Project that examined the impact of 24/7 Dad® on fathers reentering society from incarceration—specifically, fathers in one of three Iowa communities who resided in a post-release/reentry center or who were already released and participated in a reentry program operated by a community-based organization. The researchers analyzed data from pre-program and post-program surveys that measured the impact of the 24/7 Dad® on knowledge and attitudes related to the five characteristics of the 24/7 Dad—self-awareness, caring for Self, fathering skills, parenting skills, and relationship skills—that form the foundation of the program. The researchers found that the program significantly improved (statistically) knowledge and/or attitudes in each of the five characteristics.

Puerto Rican Family Institute 24/7 Dad® Report (October 15, 2011)
This report describes an independent third-party evaluation that found statistically significant changes in fathering attitudes and knowledge among fathers served by the Puerto Rican Family Institute (PRFI) who participated in the 24/7 Dad
® program.  This study represents the most comprehensive evaluation of the program to date as it involved measuring the impact of the program on 785 participants.  Of particular note is that the majority of the participants were Hispanic, a group underrepresented in other evaluations of the program.  The study found significant changes across even more attitudes and knowledge variables than previous studies of the program, thus underscoring the effectiveness of the program generally and across racial and ethnic groups. Researchers evaluated the program along with several others implemented by PRFI.  The discussion of the results of the 24/7 Dad® evaluation begin on page 11.

24/7 Dad® Performance Measures (December 6, 2010)
Dr. Debra Evans-Rhodes, an independent third-party consultant from the Pennsylvania State University-The Eberly Campus, conducted this evaluation, documenting the results for confidence and knowledge of the performance measures of the Dads Matter program (2009-2010), which uses the 24/7 Dad
® curriculum.  The evaluation shows that positive, statistically-significant increases occurred in parenting skills and knowledge among the fathers who participated in the program. 

Strengthening Families and Fatherhood: Children of Fathers in the Criminal Justice System
(otherwise known as "Fathers for Life – A Head Start Father Involvement Model" )
An independent evaluation of the 24/7 Dad
® program as part of a larger project with several programs - for specifics on the impact of 24/7 Dad®, see pages 25 and 61. The project was funded by the Office of Head Start Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families, and was implemented from 2005 to 2008. The evaluators submitted the report to the Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division in June 2008. This report was completed by the University of Missouri - Kansas City.

Outcome Evaluation Results 
by Baldwin County Fatherhood Initiative. 
This report is a non-experimental, pre/post evaluation of the 24/7 Dad
® program.

Preliminary Findings
by Baldwin County Fatherhood Initiative.

Doctor Dad®

Pre/Post Evaluation (Final Report)
This report is a non-experimental, pre/post evaluation of the Doctor Dad® workshop conducted by Baylor University’s Center of Family and Community Ministries and administered by The Central Texas Fatherhood Initiative (CTFI).

Pilot Test (Summary of Findings)
This report is a summary of a formative-evaluation study on the Doctor Dad® workshop conducted by the Center for Social Work Research at the University of Texas at Austin. The formative evaluation was part of a pilot test to assess the effectiveness and impact of Doctor Dad™. 

InsideOut Dad®

Assessing the Impact of InsideOut Dad®: Additional Analyses (December 2012)
This report on the multi-method evaluation of the InsideOut Dad® program in three Community Education Centers (CEC) Residential Reentry Centers in New Jersey by Rutgers University includes additional, more rigorous quantitative analyses that complement the quantitative and qualitative analyses included in the August 2011 report.
A version of this report was published in the peer-reviewed Journal for Correctional Education, a premier journal in the corrections field: Block, S., Brown, C.A., Barretti, L.M., Walker, E., Yudt, M., & Fretz, R.(2014). A mixed-method assessment of a parenting program for incarcerated fathers. Journal of Correctional Education, 65(1), 50-67.

Assessing the Impact of InsideOut Dad®: Exec. Summary (August 2011)
This Executive Summary provides an overview and results of Rutgers University's multi-method evaluation of the InsideOut Dad® program in three Community Education Centers (CEC) Residential Reentry Centers in New Jersey.

Assessing the Impact of InsideOut Dad®: Full Report (August 2011)
This full report presents a multi-method evaluation of the InsideOut Dad
® program in three Community Education Centers (CEC) Residential Reentry Centers in New Jersey by Rutgers University. The evaluation includes both quantitative and qualitative data in the form of participant surveys, institutional data collection, participant interviews, and stakeholder interviews. 

InsideOut Dad® in Maryland and Ohio Facilities 
by Maryland Division of Corrections and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Institutions.
This objective, third-party evaluation of the InsideOut Dad
® Program was conducted using findings gathered from 219 program participants. The InsideOut Dad® program classes were held in six Maryland correctional institutions and in eight Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Institutions.

Evaluation Report
by Maryland Division of Corrections. 
This objective, third-party evaluation of the InsideOut Dad
® Program was conducted using findings gathered from a total of nine InsideOut Dad® program classes that were held in seven Maryland correctional facilities.

InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties

InsideOut Dad® Guide to Family Ties™ Pre-Post Test Evaluation Report (April 2013)
This report provides results from an evaluation of this self-paced, interactive resource for incarcerated fathers. The guide was used by 49 incarcerated fathers in a Delaware correctional facility in the fall and winter of 2012. The results illustrate that the guide increased fathers’ knowledge in several areas that are critical to helping fathers, while they are in prison or jail, to create and maintain connections with their children and families. The results also illustrate that the guide accomplishes each of its objectives and that fathers are very satisfied with the guide.

New Dad's Pocket Guide™

Summary of Findings
The New Dad's Pocket Guide™ is an updated version of the Daddy Pack™ for New Dads. The findings from the National Fatherhood Initiative’s Daddy Pack™ Assessment remain applicable to the New Dad's Pocket Guide™.

Understanding Dad™

Understanding Dad™ Temple University Pilot Report (December 2013)
By Jay Fagan, Ph.D., Professor and Mollie Cherson, M.A., Research Assistant, Temple University, School of Social Work. 
The present study evaluated the effects of mothers’ participation in an eight week intervention program, Understanding Dad, on mothers’ relationship awareness, knowledge of healthy coparenting relationships, and relationship self-efficacy. Thirty-four mothers were recruited from four sites to participate in a study that used a pretest/post-test one-group design. Over the course of this eight week program, mothers demonstrated moderate to large gains in each of the outcome measures, after controlling for mothers’ educational level. Moreover, there was one significant within-subjects interaction effect for time & location. That is, mothers made significantly greater gains in pro-relationship knowledge in one of the intervention sites. Implications for future research are discussed. 

Understanding Dad™ Pilot Program Evaluation Report (September 2013)
This report details the evaluation results from a pilot program of National Fatherhood Initiative’s Understanding Dad™: An Awareness and Communication Program for Moms, an eight-session program for mothers that increases their pro-relationship knowledge, self-efficacy, and attitudes that lead to improved relationships with the fathers of their children for the sake of their children. The pilot program was conducted in two locations in the summer of 2013: Coshocton County, Ohio by the Family P.A.C.T. Center and in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania by the Allegheny Intermediate Unit. The results illustrate that the program increased mothers’ knowledge, self-efficacy, and attitudes, in some cases dramatically. 

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