DoctorDad® Complete Workshop Kit (All 4 Topics)

DoctorDad® Complete Workshop Kit (All 4 Topics)

DoctorDad® Complete Workshop Kit (All 4 Topics)
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Reach new and expectant Dads when they need it most! DoctorDad® Workshops are great for new and expectant dads as it helps increase fathers' health literacy by providing men with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully care for their young children right from the start. 

Based on feedback from fatherhood practitioners, we've updated and reformatted our popular Doctor Dad® curriculum - now offered as four separate DoctorDad® Workshops for individual purchase or as a set. 

Evaluation & Research Independent research shows that DoctorDad®
  • Increases new fathers' knowledge of child health and safety. 
  • Improves new fathers' confidence in their ability to perform basic parenting skills. 

How are They Used?
Presented as 60-90 minute stand-alone workshops, or as supplemental sessions to your current fatherhood programming, DoctorDad® Workshop allow you to focus on the health and safety issue(s) that matters most to your dads—from keeping children well, to taking care of a sick child, along with preventing injuries, and creating a safe home.
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  • Purchase all four workshop kits to cover each of these important issues with your dads!
  • DoctorDad™ has been proven to increase new fathers' skills and confidence by teaching men basic child health and safety information and skills like child-proofing the home, taking a temperature, treating minor injuries, and more.
  • A self-paced, interactive version of 1st Edition Doctor Dad® is also available as When Duct Tape Won't Work™!
Topics Covered
DoctorDad® Workshops cover a wide range of important child health and safety skills. Flexible to meet your organization's needs, four separate workshops allow you to mix and match topics or add on to your current programming! Facilitate all sections together or in separate 60-90 minute sessions. 

Topics include: 
  • The Well Child: New! Crying Flowchart, Infant Nutrition, Immunization, Temperament, and more.
  • The Sick Child: Fevers, The Common Cold, Dehydration, and more. 
  • The Injured Child: Burns, Scrapes, Choking, and more. 
  • The Safe Child: Safety in the car, Safety in the Kitchen, Parental Anger, and more. 

What's Included
Each DoctorDad® Workshop includes everything you need to effectively facilitate the session and increase health literacy.
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  • 1 DoctorDad® Workshop Guide with guided information to facilitate each session
  • DoctorDad® CD-ROM which contains the following:
    • Facilitator's Guide complete with information about the program's underlying principles and themes
    • Marketing Materials including posters and postcards
    • Evaluation and Survey Materials including Participant Questionnaire and Certificate of Completion
  • 10 DoctorDad® Father's Handbooks for dads to use during the session and keep as a reference - Additional Father's Handbooks are available in packs of 20 for $49.95 to re-stock for your next session!
What People Are Saying 
Doctor Dad® is an excellent way for fathers to both understand their importance in the life of their child, while also gaining critical skills in order to effectively care for infants and newborns. 

What facilitators are saying:
"The curriculum is informative and has training techniques that allow trainers to communicate and create a successful learning experience for the participants." Thyrza Mathis, Facilitator Providence Hospital Washington, DC 

"Using Dr. Dad® [sic] has changed attitudes with mothers and has empowered dads to care for their children." Tina Genchur, Facilitator ARIN Intermediate Unit Indiana, PA Thanks to your material, one father has...been very connected with his baby and is good at interacting with her." Christine Zimmerman, Facilitator Santa Maria Community Services Cincinnati , OH 

"The education they are receiving [through Doctor Dad®] is equipping this couple with the knowledge they will need for their infant as well as the three year old child...One day after hearing my lesson on safety, he said he was going to go home and move unsafe things out of the child's reach and go over the safety checklist in the Doctor Dad ® workbook." Lori Kooser, Facilitator Alternatives.Yes Pregnancy Support Center. Connellsville , PA 

What dads (and moms!) are saying: 
"I wish my dad knew this stuff before I was born." Teen Dad, Doctor Dad® Particpant Providence Hospital, Washington, DC "It is good to know there is help for me, too…I am feeling supported and calmer about my girlfriend being pregnant and being a father." Father Burleson Pregnancy Aid Center, Burleson , TX 

"It's great having the baby's dad involved in the educational process with me. I feel he is more interactive with the children since he has been part of the education." Mother Tri-City Life Center, Lower Burrell, PA 

"My husband (after being home alone with a vomiting infant and needing some practical help in being a dad to add to his MBA, MA and PhD candidacy) said it best when he said, ‘I thought common sense would be enough.' Thank you, NFI, for offering the tools to help this new father add the most important letters to his post-graduate/business titles, DAD!!!" Ilse Karto, RN 


Is it easy to use? 
Yes! With quality implementation, evaluation, and marketing tools, it's easy to facilitate Doctor Dad®Workshops and monitor your program's effectiveness! Our experienced staff can train you on how to successfully facilitate your program, plus, once you've purchased the curriculum, we provide you with ongoing technical assistance (like our quarterly Doctor Dad Housecall™ eNewsletter) to help you be as effective as possible. Plus, with four different topical workshops, you can customize Doctor Dad®Workshops to meet your needs. Doctor Dad® Workshops include a workshop manual, handbooks the dads can keep, and a CD-ROM containing a facilitator's guide, marketing posters and postcards, PowerPoint presentation, and evaluation tools. 

Does it work? 
Independent research shows that after the program, new dads were more confident and more knowledgeable.  

Why should I use DoctorDad® Workshops? 
Men will shy away from getting involved if they don't know what to do or how to do it. Doctor Dad®Workshops not only gives fathers knowledge, it gives men confidence to get involved right from the start! Plus, Doctor Dad®Workshops are flexible, and can be adapted to fit your organization's needs. No other curriculum includes so many valuable resources to help you get the word out about your classes and show your funders and stakeholders that you are making a difference! Additionally, for healthcare employees, the Doctor Dad™ training is approved by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) for six contact hours! 

Do I need to be a nurse or licensed medical professional to facilitate the class? 
No, the information is public knowledge of basic parenting skills. No special education is needed. In fact, we caution healthcare professionals against the temptation to share too much information with the fathers. We recommend that facilitators schedule the Doctor Dad® 1-day training institute to learn how to successfully deliver the program. 

How long does the workshop last? 
There are 4 sessions; The Well child, The Sick Child, The Safe child and The Injured Child. Each session can be covered in 60-90 minutes each. You can customize the workshop's format to fit the needs of your organization. 

Does our organization have to conduct all 4 sessions at one time? 
No, some organizations conduct Doctor Dad® Workshops as an all-day workshop covering all four sessions which runs about 6-7 hours. Other organizations conduct one 2 hour session per week for 4 weeks, and still others conduct one on one sessions covering different content each time they meet with the father. The workshops are very adaptable to your organization's needs. In fact, it can be used as a year-round fatherhood program. 

The Well Child session can be held in the late fall as a prenatal course since more babies are born in December than any other month, the Sick Child can be offered in the Winter when children tend to get sick more frequently, The Safe Child can be held in the Spring when the December babies are starting to explore their world, and the Injured Child can be taught in the Summer when children are out and about climbing and playing. 

Can mothers attend a Doctor Dad® Workshop? 
We leave that decision up to the organization. We have found that the group dynamics change when it's a mixed group as opposed to it being all dads. That change is neither good nor bad; it's just different. Some fathers are more comfortable learning in an all-male environment and some fathers are comfortable with either. The facilitator can make that determination and can also set the ground rules for creating a learning environment so that all can learn what it takes to be the best dad they can be. 

What if I buy the workshops and I have questions? It's our desire to help your organization succeed in reaching fathers. Our Program Support staff is eager to offer whatever technical assistance we can to help you to help fathers. Please feel free to call 240-912-1290 or email National Fatherhood Initiative with your questions or comments. 
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