InsideOut Dad® <em>1st Ed. Christian</em> Complete Program Kit

InsideOut Dad® <em>1st Ed. Christian</em> Complete Program Kit

InsideOut Dad® 1st Ed. Christian Complete Program Kit
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Prepare incarcerated fathers for a successful reentry with InsideOut Dad™ Christian! This Biblically-based reentry program reconnects inmates with their children and introduces them to the transforming power of the Gospel. 

Developed in partnership with Prison Fellowship and based on the successful InsideOut Dad™ program, InsideOut Dad™ Christian provides a firm foundation of Biblical principles and weaves scriptural truths throughout the sessions. 

Evaluation & Research. 
Independent research shows that InsideOut Dad™: Improves inmates' knowledge and attitudes, and increases family contact.

What's Included
Perfect for prison ministries and other para-church organizations, InsideOut Dad™ Christian helps you to plant a seed of hope and grace to stop the inter-generational cycle of brokenness and crime. 

InsideOut Dad™ Christian contains: 
  • 1 InsideOut Dad™ Activities Manual with a guide for facilitating each session
  • 1 InsideOut Dad™ Facilitator's Guide with information about the program's underlying principles
  • 10 InsideOut Dad™ Fathering Handbooks dads can keep as a reference
  • 1 InsideOut™ Dad CD-ROM - includes Evaluation and Marketing Tools, Certificate of Completion, and more
  • All books are bound to meet maximum security standards. 
  • Plus, facilitators receive free quarterly technical assistance through the Insider eNewsletter, filled with programming updates, ideas, best practices, and other exclusive information! 

Topics Covered
InsideOut Dad™ Christian includes 12 core sessions and 26 optional sessions, as well as a reentry module. Topics Include (optional sessions in gray): Remembering My Past (What Kind of Father Am I?). Being A Man (Physical and Mental Health). Spirituality (Ways To Grow Spiritually). Handling and Expressing Emotions (Stress and Anger). Fathering From the Inside (Paper Hugs from Daddy) and more!
What facilitators are saying: 

"After more than 30 years of working in our nation's prisons, we at Prison Fellowship know how critically important it is for prisoners to maintain or re-build healthy family relationships. The InsideOut Dad™ Christian material is an excellent resource for helping prisoners become the loving, responsible fathers that God intended them to be." Chuck Colson, Founder Prison Fellowship (Merrifield, VA). 

"The material was tremendously well received by the men in the SOAR™ program. The men were unanimous in their assessment that the material has made a tremendous impact in their lives and has prepared them to be better, more involved and accountable fathers, both during the time of their remaining incarceration, as well as following their return to their families. Collectively, the SOAR™ participants advised that the material had given them valuable understanding of what many of their previous failings had been, and provided them with invaluable tools for being better, more successful fathers." William Anderson, Executive Director Prison Fellowship Arizona (Phoenix, AZ). 

What fathers are saying: 

"I've seen a positive [change] in my life during this program. During this program I've come to terms with a lot of the wrongs in my life. I now know what I need to do to break the circle and help my children become productive, well-balanced adults." S.F., Father Christian Heritage (Walton, NE). 

"I've taken a good look at my role as a father and how important my role is, as well as how much of an impact I am to my children whether I'm in their life or not. I am going to be in their life upon release. " D.R., Father Christian Heritage (Walton, NE). 

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Brochure: Staying Involved with Your Children While Incarcerated
Brochure: Staying Involved with Your Children While Incarcerated
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