From Your Office: Online Webinar Training Institutes 



Dynamic, online curricula training institutes from the comfort of your office! Delivered via webinar by expert NFI staff with engaging content and interactive polls. Webinar Training available only for 24/7 Dad®.

You will learn about the:

  • Conceptual Development, Philosophy, Values, and Principles of the24/7 Dad® Programs
  • Characteristics of the 24/7 Dad®
  • 24/7 Dad® Programs Description, Format, and Topics
  • 24/7 Dad® A.M. Session Descriptions and Content
  • Additional Resources available to assist with successful implementation of your 24/7 Dad® Program

You will learn how to:

  • Facilitate the 24/7 Dad® Programs
  • Implement the 24/7 Dad® Programs
  • Leverage support from NFI

Length of Training

4 Hours total, delivered in 2 sessions on the same day:

  • Session A: 2 hours (10:30 AM EST/9:30 AM CST/7:30 AM PST)
  • 1 Hour Break (at 12:30 PM EST/11:30 AM CST/9:30 AM PST)
  • Session B: 2 hours (1:30 PM EST/12:30 PM CST/10:30 AM PST)


  • Each organization in attendance must purchase, or have already purchased, at least one 24/7 Dad® Complete Program Kit.
  • To receive training for multiple facilitators from one organization, purchase a Facilitator's Manual for each additional attendee from the same organization.
  • Reliable internet connection for a length of at least 2 consecutive hours.
  • Only registered and verified attendees are eligible for certificates of completion.
  • Attendees must successfully attend both Sessions A & B to receive a Certificate of Completion. Our webinar system tracks your attendance at both sessions for confirmation of attendance.

Registration and Cost:

Options 1 & 2: 

1. Register more than one person from your organization for $99 per person with the purchase of (or confirmation of prior purchase of) a 24/7 Dad® Complete Program Kit ($549) + one Facilitator's Manual for each additional attendee ($399 each,) plus shipping.

2. Register Yourself for $119 and verify a previous curriculum purchase.

For Options 1 & 2, Submit Your Registration Request by Clicking on the Button Below.

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Option 3: 

Webinar Registration for one person from one organization at $119, plus purchase of 24/7 Dad® Complete Program Kit @ $549 for a total of $725 (includes shipping.)
Choose Your Date below to Proceed with Registration for 1 Person from One Organization with Curriculum.

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